Portobello Express

todayMay 21, 2024


Deeply rooted in the British R'n'B boom, with a predilection for West Coast, Gospel and Heavy Rock, Portobello Express are a Psychedelic Blues Rock band from Vienna.

Songwriter Happy Betty is a passionate bassist who dreamed of forming a band, but, consumed by her professional life and studies, the idea was almost lost.

She was joined in 2015 by Patrick “Slowhand” – a local Rhythm 'n' Blues legend – and Danny Bianchi with his dark, deep bass playing style. With no one fit to sing, Happy Betty took over and Portobello Express was born. The newcomer is Martin Luif, a drummer with years of experience on stage and in the studio.

After a successful European tour, they released their first single “Be Blues/The Devil is Dead” in 2017 and have since released an EP “2-3-4!” (2018), a vinyl single “The Sea Rises/Sigh” (2019) and an EP Unplugged (2020).

After a long preparation due to a pandemic and several closures, the new EP will be released in July 2021. It is a collection of 4 songs, two of which have already been released as singles.

Get ready for guitar riffs, heavy basslines, dynamic vocals and unconventional lyrics.
The band's captivating, high-energy performances will transport audiences into the tradition of old-school rock.

Written by: PortobelloExpress