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Welcome to our music segment dedicated to Franco music! In this journey to the heart of the French-speaking world, we'll be exploring an eclectic selection of French and Francophone songs, from timeless classics to the latest nuggets on today's music scene.

We'll start by revisiting the icons of French chanson, with the haunting voices of Édith Piaf, Charles Aznavour and Jacques Brel. Their moving, poetic songs are a tribute to the art of chanson à texte, transporting us to the bohemian atmosphere of the streets of Paris.

Then we'll delve into the richness of contemporary French-language pop. Artists such as Christine and the Queens, Louane and Angèle will seduce us with their catchy melodies and committed lyrics, reflecting the feelings and concerns of modern youth.

Continuing our musical journey, we'll explore the spellbinding rhythms of French rap and hip-hop. Rappers such as Nekfeu, Orelsan and Aya Nakamura will deliver powerful performances, revealing the diversity of the genre and its ability to reflect the realities of contemporary urban life.

For those who prefer more experimental sounds, we'll be offering a touch of electro franco. Artists like Stromae will take us into a captivating electronic universe, combining musical creativity with intelligent lyrics.

We won't forget to shine the spotlight on emerging talent on the French music scene. These promising artists bring freshness and new musical perspectives, creating a new wave of innovation in Franco music.

Whether you're a fan of classic French chanson, contemporary pop or French rap, our musical segment promises an immersive and varied experience, celebrating the richness and diversity of Franco music, and showcasing the emotion, creativity and power of words in the language of Molière. Prepare to be swept away by the magic of Franco music, and let yourself be transported by these spellbinding melodies that are sure to touch your heart. Happy listening!