Don’t Believe In Ghosts, new song «Drowning»

todaymai 30, 2024


Don’t Believe In Ghosts, the New York City-based alternative indie pop rock band, has just dropped their new song, «Drowning,» through Imagen Records/Warner ADA.

«Drowning» is available for streaming and download on all major platforms.

Don’t Believe in Ghosts is an alternative indie pop band formed and based in New York City. The ensemble is led by singer, songwriter, and producer Steven Nathan and features Dan DelVecchio on guitar and Ken Yang on drums. Since their inception, they have carved a niche within the vibrant music scene of New York, earning widespread acclaim.

In 2020, the band signed with Imagen Records/Warner ADA. They are widely recognized for their breakthrough track “Put Your Head Back,” which not only featured in the AppleTV+ series “WeCrashed” starring Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway but also graced the show’s soundtrack. The track, mixed by the renowned Mark Needham, known for his work with The Killers and Imagine Dragons, has garnered extensive praise nationwide.

The band’s last album, Solutions, has achieved significant success, surpassing 1 million plays, reflecting their growing influence and reach. Their discography also boasts multiple singles played on alternative radio stations across the country and more than 2 million plays on Retail Radio. They have charted at #2 on All Access and have had their songs featured on various TV shows, including “Ink Master” and “The U.S. Open.”

Their new single, «Drowning,» is a vibrant alt-rock dance track that captures the essence of indie pop dance. This track delves into the overwhelming sensation of struggling to keep up with daily life amidst constant distractions, symbolized through the lyrics ‘I see you drowning, in and out of it, Climbing higher just to see around it.’ Singer Steven Nathan poignantly reflects, «Sometimes the distractions are louder than the internal message and sometimes our passions are muted by the barrage of noise being thrown at us daily.» “Drowning” is a part of their upcoming album that promises a deeper exploration of lyrical content and experimentation with new styles, showcasing their evolution as artists.

Don’t Believe in Ghosts has been featured in major publications like American Songwriter, Kings of A&R, and Alternative Press Magazine, which included them in their “40 Artists You Need to Hear” list. They have toured extensively around the Mid-East and West, shared stages with acts like COIN at the House of Blues, and performed at “The Gathering” Radio Convention in Cleveland.

Steven Nathan encapsulates the band’s philosophy with the phrase, “Don’t give energy to the ghosts of your past,” emphasizing the importance of focusing on the present and moving forward without the weight of external judgments. Through their music, Don’t Believe In Ghosts continues to offer a blend of honesty, creativity, and relatable narratives, making every song not just heard, but felt.

Écrit par : sebastien ross