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Introspective indie rock from the cold woods of Wisconsin. (EM)'s music is a strange hybrid of garage rock, post-punk, and shoegaze, with elements of folk and psychedelia. He sings sad songs for the apocalypse. His first four proper solo albums were recorded and released in 2020. (EM)'s prolific output continues, with multiple releases planned for 2021.

todayjanvier 17, 2021

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COUNCIL consists of three brothers hoping to trade in a life of farming for success in their true passion, music. Pat, Doug and Andy Reeves have balanced working in the fields of Baldwinsville, NY during the day and honing their craft at night in their family barn. Their commitment to their music has begun to pay off. They have recently gained both local and national attention for their unique sound […]

todayjanvier 13, 2021

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We are a modern family band called Scandal. Audrey Parsons: Vocals Craig Parsons: Vocals, keyboards, song writing Keegan Parsons: Vocals, guitar, song writing We are based in Penistone, Sheffield in the UK. We make ‘no rules’ music. No one genré. Sometimes dance-driven with a funky edge and sometimes, a bit darker. All three of us sing. We are influenced by everything; heavy rock, pop, rap, jazz and modern electronica, however, […]

todayjanvier 10, 2021

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Fielding Chase

Fielding Chase is the current musical moniker of William Codona and his wife Rachel. William comes from several generations of entertainers, a legacy stretching back over two centuries. The Codona family hall of fame includes acrobats, clowns, Punch and Judy performers, world famous trapeze artists and fairground show people who travelled across Europe and America to bring entertainment to the masses. William’s musical adventure takes a similar approach as it […]

todayjanvier 9, 2021

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KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus

Indie Rock, Alternative Rock. song, guitar, bass with 20th century MPC beats. since 2017 Vocal, guitar, composer, KOJI and Bass, YUMIKO We repeated the gig at a live venue in Tokyo, Japan. Tracks sampled with old rhythm boxes and turntables such as Zoom, MPC are taken from old Japanese records. The audience does not know the original music. It is often described as Japan Psyche. The composer KOJI sings a […]

todaydécembre 18, 2020

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Dorothy Harris

We are Dorothy Harris, a recent indie rock band from Spain. We just want to disturb the current music scene around the world with our proposal full of energic guitars and careful melodies, that´s why we have just recorded our debut EP, hope you enjoy it!

todaydécembre 16, 2020