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Étiquette : instrumental

alan morrissey guitar player composer soundtrack artist instrumental rock heavy funk

Alan Morrissey

UK based guitar player, composer and soundtrack artist. My music is guitar focused, heavy funk metal with big compositions, fast solos and chunky crunchy riffs, calling back to the ’70’s, ’80’s and ’90’s hey-day of British and American rock and metal bands!

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Jed Elno French Multi-genre Rock Electro

Jed Elno

French multi genre – Rock & Electro – producer and guitar player.
I wrote my first rock instrumental album, Life, in memory of my mom in July 2020.
I mainly wrote electronic music singles since (8) and get ready for my 2nd rock album in 2021.

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Child9 - Lee Midgley - English Composer


Lee Midgley is a English composer. For him, the piano and guitar are the best way to explore and express his musical talents. Music must be able to express sensations linked to his own autobiographical experience. His approach to music is very melodic, refined and sensitive, I play and compose for myself: with any instrument I feel free, calm, relaxed & creative. I experience music with a great feeling of well-being. Emotions and positive feelings that I translate in my music and that I want to convey to those who listen. Most of his music comes from dreams, where they come from who knows? he says it’s hard to turn off & most songs are actually full scores in his head when he awakes.

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Semitonal Instrumental UK


Bass-driven, hypnotic, instrumental music with attitude.
Semitone changes hover above live grooves and glitches.
Massive Attack collides with Mogwai and Erik Satie.

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