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    I am a 34 year old french artist from Dunkirk and originally from Reunion Island (French Oversea Department). I am currently in recording...

    todaymai 3, 2021 7

    Truman Falls, Isle of Man, Indie


    Truman Falls

    Truman Falls is the musical musings of singer songsmith Simon Rea. Hailing from the Isle of Man TRUMAN FALLS have released two acclaimed...

    todaymai 3, 2021 6


    Follow The Whiterabbits

    Le boss vous invite à une émission qui vous fera découvrir des artistes variés. Un gros pot Luck musicale, une grosse poutine sonore. Ceci saupoudré avec de l’humour enfantin et une passion envers l’art en général. Éventuellement, lorsqu’il sera un vrai professionnel, il va avoir des entrevues. Pour l’instant, on vous invite à s’amuser avec lui dans son carré de sable. The boss invites you to a show that will […]

    todayavril 12, 2021 7

    Joao Aranha


    Joao Aranha

    Independent artist from Brazil, with a lot o love and sound to spread with anyone who what's to listen new music made with few resources...

    todayavril 12, 2021 11

    Conor Molloy Indie Folk UK


    Conor Molloy

    I have been writing songs since I was a child. The lyrics play an important part in my songs and I like to play with the tension...

    todaymars 15, 2021 4


    Nick Duane

    Nick Duane who is originally from Providence, R.I. is an American alternative-rock indie songwriter. He draws inspiration from the ...

    todayfévrier 24, 2021 65



    Silva was originally formed in the 90's by a group of school friends with a huge love for off-kilter, indie music - and we did pretty well ...

    todayfévrier 24, 2021 1