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Étiquette : EDM

Electrode TOP 10 EDM Sly Chapel


En manque de musique Dark? Alors venez écouter Debout les nocturnes! sur la radio internet Krac Radio, mardi à 21h00. Que ce soit EBM, dark electro, electropop, aggrotech, si c’est sombre et électronique vous l’entendrez! Chaque semaine il y aura un segment nouveauté et un segment thème. Vous pourrez entendre : Hocico, Boy Harsher, Aesthetic Perfection, She past Away, et bien d’autres! Be there or be square!

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null-o band indus synthrock canada

Null-O Band

Null-O Band: Independent Canadian band formed in 2019.
Musical style: synthrock, industrial, syberpunk, EDM
Albums so far: Parallax View (2020), Martian Tavern Jukebox (2021)

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Twilight Music Sculpture Toronto - House Music

Twilight Music Sculpture

Sean (Twilight Music Sculpture) wants to share his love for music with the world. This high energy guy wears his emotions on his sleeve and this shines through in his work.
Said to have 9 lives, this guy doesn’t stop. High on life and works with passion, he’s always in the moment.

“I’m an eternal optimist, living life to the fullest with no regrets!”

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Fred Skitty auteur compositrice interprete Francaise

Fred Skitty

Fred Skitty est une auteur/compositrice/interprète française.
À mi chemin entre la chanson pop et l’electronic dance music, c’est en tant que DJ qu’elle fait ses premières scènes. Très vite, à force de passer la musique des autres, il lui vient l’envie de faire la sienne. Séduite par la liberté de création qu’offre la musique électronique, elle commence à sortir ses premières maquettes en 2013.
En 2016, ses études l’amènent jusqu’à Londres. L’occasion pour elle de tester sa musique dans la capitale Britannique. La même année, elle finit sa licence et décide de se consacrer pleinement à son projet artistique. Après un premier single, Insane, sorti en 2017, elle nous présente son premier EP, Belonging To The Night, sorti le 10 Mai 2020.

Fred Skitty is a French singer, songwriter and producer. Halfway between pop and electronic music, she made her debut as a DJ. By dint of playing the others’ music, it came to her the desire to make her own. Seduced by the freedom of creation offered by electronic music, she began to release her first demos in 2013.
In 2016, her studies took her to London, which gave her the opportunity to test her music in the British capital city. She finished her degree the same year and decided to devote herself fully to her artistic project. She released her very first single, Insane, in 2017. Her debut EP Belonging To The Night, released on May 10th 2020, is available everywhere.

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Arfon 'Harry' Williams Songwriter UK

Arfon ‘Harry’ Williams

Songwriter from the Wirral UK. Founder Maconda Music UK. 2000

Maconda Music Uk – Duration19 yrs
Credits :
Song Synced to film ‘Happy Holidays’. James C Ferguson Film -Song ‘In This Town’ by Arfon Harry Williams.
Single Release ‘So In Love’ Erick Maconda (Deep House Label-Germany )

‘I Still Dream’ – – ACM Records New York
‘Time Should Wear a Hat’ -Maconda Music UK
‘Greater’ EP with Rock Band’ Mundijong’ – ACM Records
‘Solitude’ by Arfon Harry Williams – -Maconda Music UK
‘Maconda 4th’& Maconda 5th -Electroninc albums
‘LAF’ -EDM producer. ‘EP Release by LAF ‘ entitled Jelex’
Songs Available for film, TV and advertising. Many genres. Pop, Swing, Jazz and electronic music.
Albums released:
I Still Dream.-Harry Williams -2009 ACM Records New York. All song except Railroad Live written by Arfon Williams arranged by Dave Evans ‘Taffy Studios’
Time Should Wear a Hat -Maconda Music Uk .All songs by Arfon Williams arranged by Dave Evans ‘Taffy Studios’
How Many Times-.Arfon Williams 2012.
In This Town 2012-Arfon Williams
Greater EP- by Mundijong (Rock Band EP ) Acm Records
So In Love -single release www.soundofnow,de as artist ‘Erick Maconda’ writer lyrics Arfon Williams.Mixed by The futuristic Polar Bears.
Album ‘How Many Times’ digital distribution Zimbalam.
Credits on film ‘Happy Holiday’ by James C Ferguson USA .Song ‘In This Town’ synced to scene.
Solitude- Arfon Harry Williams released 2016 Tuncore (latest album)

Electronic Albums Maconda 4th & Maconda 5th. 2002
All above available on itunes and other digital distribution platforms.
Now interested in placing all works with Film ,Ads ,Television ,jingles ringtones or other artists.

‘LAF’ is the latest EMDM. (Electronic Melodic Dance Music) artist name.
Arfon Williams
Wirral UK.
900 Miles To Milano -(Swing /Jazz 1950’s Ratpack-Buble /Sinatra/Mack the knife ) Maconda Music UK


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House Of Seb french producer France

House Of Seb

House Of Seb is a French Producer located in South Of France, on the French Riviera. Originally born near Belgium where he was totally immerged earlier end of 80s with the House Music movement becoming live. He also took opportunities with a trip in Chicago to take advantage of the Famous Chicago House Music on which he took a lot of inspiration for his tracks. His Goal is to generate emotions and spread messages with new vibes, included into thematic tracks.

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truekolors edm electro house


Hi KRAC! Jean helped me with featuring one of my remixes on your station, and now I have an official release on Spotify, so I wanted to see if my song could be featured again! Wax Motif complimented the song by saying the melody resonates with him, and Justin Bates (Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Lil Jon, Nervo) mixed and master the song so I’m confident with the quality.

From Manhattan to Seoul and now based in LA, truekolors blends House and EDM into his own personal concoction. Much like his upbringing, it’s quite a fusion: a delicate blend of groove and melody, with a strong focus on bassweight and melancholic vibes. His debut single, ‘Love Me Better’ is just that.

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