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Étiquette : Cyberpunk

null-o band indus synthrock canada

Null-O Band

Null-O Band: Independent Canadian band formed in 2019.
Musical style: synthrock, industrial, syberpunk, EDM
Albums so far: Parallax View (2020), Martian Tavern Jukebox (2021)

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Omegagon Electro Synthwave cyberpunk darkelectro


Omegagon grew up around playing shows around Norwich and London in the United Kingdom. Omegagon loves to combine vintage synthesizers and modern sounds to create powerful new musical experiences that often straddle the knife edge between optimistic and melancholy. Omegagon delves into the synthwave | cyberpunk | EBM and 80’s style Vangelis/Bladerunner|John Carpenter/Halloween style soundscapes.

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