Now It’s My Turn ( Stripped Down Mix ) – Transcendent 7
Battleship – Metakross
Silent Morning (Solar Fake remix) – Coldkill vs Kant Kino
Sometimes (Simon’s Moorooka Mix) – Synthax Xtructure
Don’t Let Me Go (Original) – Christopher Anton
Burning Heretic (Cycles Of Absolute Truths Mix by Ancient Methods) – Apoptygma Berzerk
I wanna be your dog – People Theatre
We are all ready death – C-lekktor
Miss Murder (VNV Nation Remix) – AFI
Viva Insanity – Synapsyche

Broken Midnight

Deaf Pursuit – Wingtips
Nornalagio – Kaelan Mikla
Dystopian Boy – Solveig Matthildur
Mining For Heart – ACTORS
PDA – Interpol
Celebracion (Extended rmx Paradise
Phantoms) – Siete70
Don’t Wanna Be That – Freak Dream
Turnaround – No More
New Machines – Bloody Knives

War Summer Jam

Leave me – Marley C
M Gecko (Ft, Paul Cargnello) – Racasse
Or Nah – The Samu
Imma Beast (Ft T-Gunna) – Chad Gray
Première Offense – Jertrude Battue
BBS – CEO Soulja Johnys Dead – Sound Of Gunshot
Doo Wop – Dead Obies
Last Call – Radio Radio