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Scott Vanover “Get up off the floor” album

Scott Vanover Seattle, get up oof the floor

Scott Vanover artist producer music creator from Seattle Washington completes work on his 17 track dance album titled “Get up off the floor”. The name for the album was inspired by Shodements idea for a “Get up off the floor” virtual tour where Scott would perform his songs via facebook instagram and tiktok live stream and eventually once the pandemic had cooled off take the tour out to venues festivals and clubs. Each song is unique in its nature and brings about a toe stamping head bobbing wanna get up and dance feel. He created the tunes using music apps such as Launchpad music app and Splash music app. He has been critisized though one his ability to use samples, loops, and beats instead of using DAW software but like all great music composers to mix sounds like he has together makes him one of the best upcoming Djs of 2021.