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Project CONCUBINE’s new single “Fuck Daddy” 26th May 2021

Project CONCUBINE "Fuck Daddy"cover artwork

Project CONCUBINE released a new single  on 26th May 2021.                                                                                                                                Fuck Daddy   starts exactly what the London-based electronic/alternative band  stands for. Uncompromising.                                 Remember Project CONCUBINE announced themselves to the London music scene by being arrested at their first show when a couple had live sex on stage and have since gained a reputation for their wild, provocative performances that mix the dark and disarming with the glamorous and groundbreaking.

Fuck Daddy is an electronic, dark-pop song with elements of nu-disco and club music. Dance to it? Yes, please.  Vocalist and fashion muse Jera Diarc delivers a swinging, semi spoken melody which mastered the art of letting the darkness shine. As if Mark E Smith could convince Nick Cave to open a poetry and disco club. This is accompanied by a crackling, deliciously deep funky, and cool electro-ambient sound and beat with breaks which gives you the joy of a roller coaster ride. Embedded in a tense and wobbling groove.

Fuck Daddy challenges the current electronic and alternative scene and is an enrichment for it.  It highlights their statements likeWe are part of an upcoming wave. We are the new posh.”                                                                                                                                                          This single is dark, combative,powerful and engaging. A catchy tune of which we will hear a lot more often.

Project CONCUBINE is here to conquer.  But have a look by yourself and check them out on  Bandcamp  Spotify

and Youtube[ytp_video source=”JRQWpjVQxXs”]

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