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Of the Sun and the Moon, the italian metal rock conquering the indie charts worldwide

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Of the Sun and the Moon, the italian metal rock conquering the indie charts worldwide

While working on the brand new original track ‘Sad, the Rain‘, scheduled for Autumn 2021, the indie, unsigned and self-produced Italian female-fronted metal rock band¬†Of the Sun and the Moon, whose core is formed by the vocalist¬†Lory De Lorean¬†and guitarist and multi-instrumentalist¬†John Lorena, is happy and proud to announce that the song ‘Everlasting War‘, released at the beginning of April 2021 and featuring the collaboration, as ‘special guest vocals’, of the American singer-songwriter¬†Frankie McCabe, after four consecutive weeks of presence in the¬†TOP10¬†of the singles most¬†aired,¬†requested¬†and¬†appreciated¬†by the public of the Spanish radio station¬†This Is Only Rock Radio¬†(channel 2¬†dedicated to¬†hard rock¬†and¬†heavy metal¬†music), finally has reached the¬†top¬†of the¬†chart¬†(number¬†1).

Furthermore, the same single is a new entry at position number 23 in the TOP75 of Radio Indie Alliance, a chart drawn up weekly considering reports, schedules and preferences of a syndicate of numerous radio stations from all over the world. (see link)


In the end, ‘Everlasting War‘ also appeared, at position¬†number 5, in the¬†TOP24 Daily Chart¬†of¬†Radio TFSC, one of the most followed German webradios at home and beyond. The ‚Äėquality‚Äô chart takes into consideration not only indie realities, but also the most well-known and established artists and bands.

In all these rankings, Of the Sun and the Moon is always the only Italian representative, a further reason for satisfaction. Thanks to all those who are close to the band and who support day after day.

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