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HURLENOIR – Introduce

Hurlenoir & IIL - létharmine LP

As much a musician as a painter, Hurlenoir is an artist who openly exploits dark themes in order to challenge and engage in reflection on the often rugged course of life. By means of his art, he awakens feelings, triggers emotions, arouses reactions to confront the viewer with his own condition.

A feeling of duality emerges essentially in the work of Hurlenoir. He often expresses it through black and white. By flushing out the very essence of humanity, through the gesture and expression of its contrasts, he manages to rekindle dull glances, to unblock frozen movements, to pronounce inexpressible words.

Many could only see in it the fear of death, or a schizophrenic and painful aspect. However, once the initial apprehensions are overcome, it is clear that it is life which, in reality, is at the center of his work.

Hurlenoir has been discoverd through his common album with IIL: “Létharmine” (Avant-garde / Black metal) on Les Revers de l’Âme Productions.

He also released two solo tracks during 2020, with differents music styles :