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Between the depth of her voice, substance of her songwriting, and seemingly endless list of awards and
achievements, you might be fooled into thinking that Mikalyn has been in the game for decades. But
that’s easily forgiven, as despite having yet to hit her 20s, the artist’s signature alt-pop stylings bely her
age and blur lines between genres and eras, making her music all the more compelling. She obviously
takes great pride in her output, showcasing a skillful approach to arrangement and production with a
keen attention to detail. She’s also an in-demand collaborator, having lent her unmistakable vocals to
elevate tracks from Machine Drivers, Öwnboss & Zerky, Röde, 39 Kingdom, and others in just 2019
alone. With a one-of-a-kind style and unwavering drive, Mikalyn shows no signs of slowing down on her
already-impressive trajectory. Her song Sleepless Nights streamed over 400 k in 4 months of release. In
2021 she will make a bold move away from her EDM success and into alt pop and indie with a string of
strong releases that will leverage and build off her EDM roots.

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