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Michael Jacob french france indie pop

Michael Jacob


Biographie / Biography 

For his new EP, « More », unveiled on October 15, 2020, Michael Jacob surrounded himself with a string quartet and Cuban musicians with the ambition to make those who will listen to him travel in so many musical universes that many songs, with the particularity of proposing for a title two versions with different melodies, with variations on theme around « I Live For You », its most complete composition to date, of « I Wonder (Where You Are) « illustrated with a music video with guest actress Athena Zelkovich, and the very personal » The Lonely One « , a track in which he talks about his fight against stuttering and how music helped him to make this handicap a force …



Bringing back the brutal force and sounds of Old School Metal and Latin American roots, the revolutionary young band from Santiago/Boston..

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“I’m a Mexican musician that started music in high school, I had been surrounded by music all my life. At every party, the music was..

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Karen McDawn

Karen McDawn

I am a full blood Country Artist from Austria. Here’s an Excerpt from my press kit about my recent album « To The Moon And Back »

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Galactic Tapes

Galactic Tapes

A couple of years ago I discovered that the music I’ve been making for years was called synthwave and that some people liked synthwave.

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don classico

Don Classico

I’m a music producer and CEO of Don Classico Music. I have produced countless albums and singles over the years for various artists..

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Joao Aranha

Joao Aranha

Independent artist from Brazil, with a lot o love and sound to spread with anyone who what’s to listen new music made with few resources…

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And The Bear Italy France Electro


La clé de voûte du projet est la volonté de ne pas utiliser l’ordinateur ni de lire des pistes. Les chansons de l’album ont été enregistrées..

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We are a newly formed band starting in January 2021 and based out of Long Beach California. We have released two songs « Imber » and « Credo »..

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MK N R , Montreal, Electro Pop


Montreal-based M K N R is a singer-songwriter and producer who is on a mission to teleport listeners in his dimension.

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Inoxidable, Alas de plomo


The group is made up of the following members: Mikel, singer and guitars, Angel, Keyboards and programming, and Sergio, Bass.

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Zyppe Auteur Compositeur interprete


Zyppe est un auteur, compositeur, interprète depuis l’ âge de ses treize ans, il écrit des textes suivant ses diverses inspirations, …

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Miss Edith Norway

Miss Edith

Miss Edith’s career as a performer began at the age of 7 as a dancer. At 15 Edith evolved and began singing in a Kristiansand piano bar.

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Lord Divine Argentina Prog. Metal


LORD DIVINE is a progressive metal band, founded in 2002 in the city of Rosario, Argentina. During 2003 they released a promo EP..

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Escape To What Alt. Metal Industrial UK

Escape To What

Escape To What is some sorta Alternative blend of Metal and Industrial music. Crunching its way around like some sorta creature violently…

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Focused Toronto Rap



A smooth and hard hitting sound. FOCUSED prides himself on his lyrics and sounds that take you out of our five sense realty.

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Honky Fish Italy Spain Pop Rock

Honky Fish

The pop-rock music heritage of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s gave birth to this original and alternative band. Recently an italian ..

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Polymorth, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, UK


Oli Mortham is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from Norfolk, UK, making experimental rock music via his solo project Polymorth.

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Conor Molloy Indie Folk UK

Conor Molloy

I have been writing songs since I was a child. The lyrics play an important part in my songs and I like to play with the tension…

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Jack Gill , Alt Rock, UK

Jack Gill

Jack Gill has been offering his alternative sound to the Liverpool music scene throughout 2020. Hailed as the go to listen for those …

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In Heat Ontario Rock

In Heat

In Heat is back, with a new lineup and a new singer, but with all the same attitude! Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, …

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Posh Switzerland Rock


POSH – Attention, storm danger!
Just as a mild breeze can turn into a destructive hurricane within minutes, one should not be deceived by..

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Copperstone, Pittsburgh, PA Alt. Rock


Alt.rock band out of Pittsburgh, PA that delivers smooth rhythms, catchy hooks, & driving leads rooted in the feel of old school rock n’roll.

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Marveline indie pop rock Australia


Marveline is a solo project of The Nature Strip’s Pete Marley, from Sydney, Australia. The first indie-pop/rock album, Savoury-Toothed Tiger..

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Futhermuckers punk rock uk spain


A stagehand, a refuse collector and a jewellery designer walk into a rehearsal room…….sounds like the start of a bad joke, maybe, but…

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Ameto Alternative Soul


Starting out as a studio collaboration between Dave (bass) and Jaci (vocals), the addition of Huw (guitar) and Wayne (drums) …

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Rabo de Toro, Dada Punk

Rabo de Toro

Dada punks Rabo de Toro were formed in a disused spam factory near Rhyl in 1987. Founded through a shared love of Russ Abbot and …

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Truthscan Minimal Coldwave Synth UK


truthscan produces minimal coldwave synth music. A fan of Fad Gadget, John Foxx, DAF, Caberet Voltaire, truthscan leans towards the dark…

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Nacre Chanteuse Compositrice Singer composer Montreal


Nacre est une chanteuse / compositrice de Montréal, au Québec, réputée pour sa belle voix pure et céleste souvent entendue dans des…

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Nick Duane

Nick Duane who is originally from Providence, R.I. is an American alternative-rock indie songwriter. He draws inspiration from the …

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Dj Victor Tommy B, Italy

Victor Tommy B

Born in Puglia (South-Italy) From a family that has always loved music … In 2011 he entered the world of clubbing by discovering the music..

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Silva was originally formed in the 90’s by a group of school friends with a huge love for off-kilter, indie music – and we did pretty well …

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Kiki Cubb Pianist USA

Kiki Cubb

I am a classically trained piano composer (9 years of training). I was born in France where I spent my youth. I then moved to the USA.

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Maze, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Laval


Based in Laval, Maze is a singer, songwriter and producer, who started music driven by an old passion for videography.

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Amanda Bay Spain Pop

Amanda Bay

Amanda Bay is just a girl with a dream. She grew up in the Canary Islands (Spain) and then moved to Madrid to focus on her acting career.

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Skinflick Dark Electro Industrial UK


Dark electronic music with Industrial. Filthy in name, filthy in sound. Formed in 1991, still continues to this day as a single one man …

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AraPacis Hard Rock Prog Doom Metal Montreal


AraPacis – Hard Rock/Progressive/Doom Metal from Montreal! Michelle Macpherson/Jerry Fielden/David Stone/Gwendolyne Krasnicki/Jean Audet

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Neiyla Indie Pop Austria


After many years of singing song ideas into my phone & practicing my vocals, I became tired of waiting for someone else to make my dream come truth…

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Charu Suri Jazz

Charu Suri

Charu Suri is a multi award-winning jazz pianist and composer who has forged a new sound in jazz by combining a trio with Sufi sounds and Indian ragas.

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Oliver Forest Montreal Indie Alt. Folk Rock

Oliver Forest

Oliver Forest is a Montreal-based indie band founded in 2016 by Josh Cunningham, guitar and vocals, Megan Griffin, keyboards and vocals, Jon D’Ambrosio, guitar and vocals, and Tim Hammond, drums and vocals.

Blending influences from several genres, the band’s sound features infectious melodies with smooth harmonies and synth-based undertones. The result is an original mix of alternative, indie, folk and rock. Oliver Forest released its self-titled debut album in September 2017, which featured the single “Shadows.”

Josh and Megan met at college and played casual shows as a duo, performing covers and developing their distinctive vocal harmonies. Seamlessly adding Josh’s original songs to the repertoire inspired their innovative sound and attracted producer William Gaboury, who offered to record with them.

Oliver Forest was born with the addition of friends Tim Hammond on drums, Andrew Leduc on bass – now pursuing other projects – plus Jon D’Ambrosio on guitar. The band set up shop for three weeks in Tim’s home studio with William as producer and recorded their original material for a debut album. The release of Oliver Forest’s first album has led to performances in and around Montreal and Toronto at venues such as O Patro Vys, Petit Campus, Bootleggers, Maison 2109, Chateau Du Lac, Balattou and the Horseshoe Tavern. The band has also played festivals around Montreal, including the Imagine Monkland Festival, the Beaconsfield Summer Concert Series, the Hudson Music Festival and Montreal Ribfest.

Oliver Forest is currently working on their second album.

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Vague Notion eclectic electronica electronic bc canada

Vague Notion

Eclectic electronica with an edge. Sometimes dark sometimes light but always original. Melding real instrumentation with synths and samples.
Comparisons to Kate Bush, Portishead and David Bowie have been made about their sound. This is artful electronic music made by musicians. Deep mountain electronica from the wilds of BC Canada.
« There’s no sound like Vague Notion on the planet. These guys have been transported from Mars into the middle of a beautiful wilderness where they transmit their celestial sounds to us via the internet. » Andy Jordan, Revival Synth, UK #DeepMountainElectronica

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RedOwl electronic project spain


Electronic music project born in 2020. A vision through science fiction, film, imagination and the constant need to look inside.

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Bad Breed toronto ontario funk soul rock

Bad Breed

Formed in 2014, Toronto-based Bad Breed started out as a hard-edged combination of punk rock and 60s R&B. Now a singular blend of hard-edged funk, soul and rock, Bad Breed are a unique collaboration from diverse musical backgrounds.

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Jamie Jamal Lead singer bristol uk

Jamie Jamal

Who is Jamie Jamal?
Jamie is la lead singer with Electronic pic n mix duo This Human Condition and new project started in lockdown called FLUX. Jamie is based in Bristol and also has a solo career which mainly consists of Collaborations. Jamie has performed at Glastonbury Festival (2017 & 2019) and has had 3 tracks soar played on BBC6Music by Tom Robinson. Rusty Egan has also shown great support since 2016 and played This Human Condition tracks on his Electronic family tree show and his new An Audience with show on twitch.
Jamie has lots of exciting collaborations being released in 2021 and is currently working on the next Flux single.

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United alien nations punk rock alternative italy italia italie

United Alien Nations

United Alien Nations is a fresh musical project which mixes punk, rock and alternative music. The project was born from the ideas of two lifelong friends. They have released two singles on Spotify so far.

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The Wraithwood rock alt sicily italy

The Wraithwood

The Wraithwood is a band which has its origins in Sicily in the mid 90s. They lasted through the years so far. They split up in 1999 and form again at the beginning of the Spotify Era. They have released 2 new songs and a third one is on the way.

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zeebrax indie rock italy


My name is Zeebrax, I’m an independent indie and alternative musician. My influences are: Ramones, Sonic Youth, Neil Young, Black Crowes, Bob Dylan, Jane’s Addiction, Nirvana etc

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Flip Coins Alternative pop rock band italy

Flip Coins

We are an alternative rock and pop band from Italy. All our tunes are in English. Our biggest influences are: Nirvana, Neil Young, Black Crowes, Ramones, U2, The Cure, Jane’s Addiction, Sonic Youth etc.

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The Zeta Plan Alternative Pop rock

The Zeta Plan

We are the Zeta Plan, an alternative pop-rock band with various influences. We love: Sex Pistols, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Randy Rhoades…

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Lil dizzie hiphop nigeria krac radio

Lil Dizzie

Opatundun Emmanuel Oluwafemi generally known for his stage name LIL DIZZIE is a Born Nigerian Musical Hiphop Artist, International song writer and composer. A Multiple award nominee and winner. Lil Dizzie is one of Nigerian artists with numerous music collaborations in Africa and other continents. Lil Dizzie won his first music award in 2015 for Best Collaboration in the TopNaijaMusicAwards in Nigeria. He also got nominated in the HotSoundsMusicAward2017 for category « Best Collaboration & Best Street Hop Single » in Nigeria. Lil Dizzie is known for his unique style of rap
& his melodious rhythm on how he handles his lyrical contents on different type of music genre. He has several music collaborations and have written songs for artists / Producers in Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, USA and China.

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Coreign Progressive Hard Rock


COREIGN is a Swiss Progressive Hard Rock Studio Band.

While Progressive Hard Rock is sort of a least-deviant drawer to describe COREIGNs style, Curry and Reto, a married composer couple, however write songs across many Genres and it thus is very common for them to release also compositions and songs like Symphonic, Ballad, Funk, Blues, Rock, Punk and many more, and in any blend and sort of cross-over style, containing, but not limited to Gothic, Classic, Film and Musicals elements. It somehow is this ability of blending many influences into a song, while always sounding in their very unique COREIGN-style, that makes this Band a musical Chameleon.

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mLau is a musical journey by Massimo Marraccini and Maria Laura Ronzoni, long time friends who although living in different cities felt the need to compose an album together while at a distance.  Digging deep into their emotions in the hope of facing the urgent need to compose which seemed to help them to bring back to life that which had seemed so obscured, ignored and forgotten, and in doing so, rediscovering their unique selves. With no creative limits, and without trying to please the commercial market, instead focusing on pure artistic expression without filters, rules or confines.The two songs published to date are the first of nine already produced that will see the light in the months to come. The duo is also planning a performance that aims to be an audio-visual experience rather than a concert. A sort of immersive sound with the musicians at the center, accompanied by avant-garde visual content. A multimedia live exhibition combined with different forms of contemporary art.

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Shivan Luca Indie singer songwriter performer producer los angeles

Shivan Luca

I am an independent singer/songwriter, producer, performer, and neurobiologist based in Los Angeles. In the lab, I work on neuromodulatory neurotransmission and connectivity, and I am hard at work on multiple music projects – with new music released every month!

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Birmingham Electric synthpop postpunk

Birmingham Electric

Birmingham Electric recalls synthpop, post-punk and new wave elements in a modern context. BE is a new project with old roots – founded by synthesist/vocalist Andrew Evans, BE’s collabs include Mal Holmes of OMD and Mark Reeder of MFS Berlin. BE’s debut album is due on Conzoom Records in 2021.

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RPN dusseldorf Germany


RPN, based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Like the representer of Düsseldorf school (Düsseldorfer Schule) style direction in electronic music with it famous artists Kraftwerk, Neu!, DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft), Die Krupps, Rheingold, Propaganda, Mouse on Mars etc. his musical style based on use of unconventional structures of deliberately dry, static drum rhythm, which is supported by a synthetic electric bass line as the groove foundation. The basic structure is supplemented by additive sound elements. In addition to synthetic percussion and bass lines, electric guitars and other instruments. RPN often goes out of the frames his represented style by going to extremes with insertion into his music for example deep industrial samples or easy Italo-Disco or pop music elements. RPN’s productions meet the self-imposed challenge of harnessing avant-garde techniques at the service of individual and collective dancefloor ecstasy.

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Aled Hughes Singer songwriter pop country folk

Aled Hughes

Originally from North Wales, singer/songwriter Aled Hughes is now located in the idyllic southern coastal town of Llantwit Major in Wales. He has released four albums It’s Acoustic, ’67, Earl Lane and his latest I Remember which are available on Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp and more online platforms.
Probably best categorised as being in the pop-country-folk genre, he writes songs in both English and Welsh. Some take quite a light hearted perspective, while others deal with heavier themes.

View Profile » solo artist germany berlin electro producer dj is solo artist, producer and DJ Eno Thiemann from Berlin.
Finding inspiration in Nordic Singer/Songwriters, Indie Pop, trashy 90s Radio Dance and Electronic Funk, he oscillates between honest, hand-crafted songwriting and the glittering, noise-heavy sphere of electronic music. From sparsely arranged, almost inaudible acoustic songs to massive, itchy dance tracks, you can easily spot’s urge to always explore new ideas and expressions.
On stage he thrives with an astonishing range of styles and an eclectic electro-acoustic performance with vocals, piano, Glockenspiel, synthesizers, effects and his trumpet.
Besides continuous performances on festivals and stages in Germany, Prague, New York, Bucharest and Copenhagen, writes music for theatre plays, animation films, web TV series and a smartphone game, but also produces and remixes other artists and projects. His debut album is due to release in February 2021.

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Nathalie Weider Suisse Swiss Switzerland german pop song

Nathalie Weider

I’m a Swiss Singer and Songwriter. My sound is honest German pop music reflecting the emotions of a passionate woman. Emotions interpreted bluntly as well as wrapped into ironic and witty stories. Always staying true to myself and yet always trying out new things is my motto,

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Them Labs punk rock folk

Them Labs

Them Labs are a punk-progressive folk rock trio split between Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH, USA. Now in their third iteration, founding members Seth Portenlanger and Joe Perkins have teamed up with lead guitarist, Andy Dunfee for an amped up sound with a stern nod to 90s era pop-punk riffs.

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Sémaphores Post Rock Energique postpunk rock


Sémaphores, c’est une couleur unique, une poésie lumineuse, envoûtante, des mélodies entêtantes alliées à un post-rock énergique, semblant appeler depuis le futur.
le groupe franco-polonais formé en 2019 nous entraîne dans un voyage rempli d’océans et de lumières, de regrets et d’espoirs, de peur et de courage.
Sémaphores a vu le jour à Varsovie sur l’initiative de John Pilon, français originaire de la région Grenobloise et expatrié en Pologne.
Le projet Sémaphores s’est rapidement développé autour des influences diverses de ses 4 membres: Daniel (lead guitar), Iwo (batterie), Pawel (basse) et John (compositions, textes, guitare et chant) et a sorti le 30 novembre 2020 son premier album autoproduit.

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Sparkly Spookay UK one minded dynamic duo

Sparkly Spookay

Hailing from the United Kingdom, A charming, witty, comical, one minded dynamic duo one woman show! Sparkly Spookay is a dual natured spirit. The Sparkly side is very positive, motivational, encouraging, inspiring, the voice of a real fighter against all things of injustice, a mix of genres expressing her love for the universe through meditative poetry, she has a romantic vibe about her too and portrays that side in her songs especially on her new Single ‘Pen Pal’ . Sparkly doesn’t do anything the conventional way! She cannot be defined, her non conforming ways makes for a better take with her musical approach. She is about freedom of speech, self expression is very important and her mind is a sharp wit tools carving the lines of communication open, unafraid to stand up for what’s right, she holds deeply the courage of a lone wolf, with the heart of a lion. She has come face to face with opposition in her past, the trials and tests that sought to not break her but to make her. She is a soldier and this only shows in her strong composure. The Spookay side of her is self explanatory: Mysterious, Cryptic, and thrilling. She combines her dark twisting poetry pieces into a musical Broadway theatrical phenomenon, especially with the success of her poetry anthology Blood Lines (Consisting of 8 series) becoming the production pieces for her album ‘Moonlight Shadows’. Spookay is all aspects of her love for folklore mythology, her stories and poetry combine very well into musical productions. Her roots in writing grew at the age of 14, and blossomed into a full bulb of innovations there on. Her theatrical movements is what brings her characters from her books to life. Every ending is an entirely new direction for her haunting adventures. (Rap Metal/Country Rock

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Disconnected Genius Alt. Rock Australia

Disconnected Genius

Disconnected Genius is from Melbourne, Australia and is essentially a 3 piece, 4 chord rock band with a dash of punk.

They typically utilize alternative rock’s trademark loud chorus / soft verse dynamic, with a unique building intensity to reach a spine-tingling apotheosis, whilst also going down melancholic piano alleys almost as often as delving into punk rock slices of pi.

2016 saw the release of the band’s debut studio album, Dogs Chasing Fairy Tales, a concept album which chronicles the band’s journey from nihilism to enlightenment.

The groove has deepened with the bands sophomore album, Nirvikalpa Meow, which All Music Trends is already calling « a rare pearl in the treasury of musical works. »

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(EM) introspective indie rock wisconsin


Introspective indie rock from the cold woods of Wisconsin.

(EM)’s music is a strange hybrid of garage rock, post-punk, and shoegaze, with elements of folk and psychedelia. He sings sad songs for the apocalypse. His first four proper solo albums were recorded and released in 2020.

(EM)’s prolific output continues, with multiple releases planned for 2021.

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maurice gene

Maurice Gene

I am that indie singer-songwriter from Catalonia. My debut album is an LP called “Golden Days”, and it’s available on vinyl, CD and all the usual streaming platforms.

My message goes along epic and mundane life. Nostalgic, dreamers, sinners, helpless, lovers, abused, fighters, castaways, libertarians and heroes dance within the verses and take life through the melodies.

Eleven songs take us to sit and travel in a red Mustang, to look at life through the rearview mirror and evoke nostalgia of an already finished trip from a not so far faded youth.

Accompanied by melodies and guitar riffs, we can drive along the Mother Road listening to a touch of the different musical referents that nourish his songs. It sounds like the paraphrase, the footnotes of masters such as Neil Young, Jackson Browne, Eagles, Elton John… essentials of the Folk-Rock movement from the 70s. And if the 70s are the roots, the 80s and 90s are the trunk and branches of his style, all crowned with a sensibility transformed into a unique and personal sound that also goes between Americana and Alternative/Indie Folk.

This album has been supported by the guru Scott Hull from the famous Masterdisk Studios in New York, who personally took charge of the Mastering and Cutting for Vinyl.

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zen baseballbat ska punk reggae england

Zen Baseballbat

« Zen Baseballbat are a band from Widnes, England. They were the subject of a Granada TV documentary « Twin Town – North West Attitude ». They have toured the UK and Europe extensively, playing alongside The Toasters, Desmond Dekker, Pauline Black and King Prawn. At the time they were signed to Moon Ska Records, which they released two albums under. Their first « I Am The Champion Concrete Mixer » followed by « For Refund Insert Baby » They are now back with a new line up, and new material taking influences from Reggae, Punk and Techno. After warming up with some local gigs throughout 2019, they have now been booked for several festivals throughout 2020, including the London International Ska festival, which has been rescheduled to 2021.”

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vivianyte electro belgium


Vivianyte ? Le tout nouveau projet électro belge qui oscille entre Moderat et Bonobo.
Le premier single, au nom énigmatique de « Wavement », a été diffusé fin décembre sur toutes les plateformes digitales. Plusieurs posts montrant des photos étranges de formes d’ondes ont été publiées pour annoncer la sortie du clip sur Youtube le 3 janvier 2021.

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sxndrxm rock fougeux mulhouse france


(Prononcé Syndrom): Ce groupe français composé de membres dans la jeune vingtaine nous vient directement de Mulhouse. C’est sans scrupules que Sxndrxm vous plonge dans son univers rock fougueux. Ça cogne avec amour, joue avec violence; cette douceur hargneuse embrasse une voix mélodique et accrocheuse.
(Pronounced Syndrom): This French group made up of members in their early twenties comes directly from Mulhouse. It is without scruples that Sxndrxm plunges you into its fiery rock universe. It hits with love, plays with violence; this angry sweetness embraces a melodic and catchy voice.

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cromlech vortex france eclectic rock humour francais french humor


CROMLECH VORTEX est un projet musical empreint de fantastique, de métaphysique, de poésie, de surréalisme et de philosophie avec…un peu d’humour aussi…qui tache…

CROMLECH VORTEX is a musical project imbued with fantasy, metaphysics, poetry, surrealism and philosophy with horrible french sens of humor…

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the great diversion post hardcore rock ontario

The Great Diversion

The Great Diversion combines elements of post-hardcore and rock to create a hard-hitting rock genre reminiscent of the early 2000’s emo music. The power trio distinguishes itself by its melodic pop sensitivity and hard-hitting breakdowns. Hailing from Timmins and Hawkesbury, the band has found its home in Ottawa. After kickstarting their career with the release of their debut EP “Rocks and Rapids” in 2015, The Great Diversion has been hard at work preparing its upcoming full-length album This Is It, This Is the End. In 2020, they signed with the Montreal based label ‘Hell For Breakfast’ and their new album is now available everywhere.

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killing stars alt rock madrid spain

Killing Stars

We’re an alternative rock band from Madrid, Spain. We love Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Ramones etc. We recorded our first single from home during the lockdown period. We have recorded and published on Spotify 4 tunes so far.

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Frank Custeau Folk rock Sherbrooke Slam Disques

Frank Custeau

Fort d’une douzaine d’années à postillonner dans les micros de la scène underground de Sherbrooke, c’est en 2017, suite à la désagrégation de son groupe bruyant, que Frank Custeau se lance en solo. Il présente en mars 2018 le personnel et touchant Départs d’août, sur étiquette Slam disques.

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rouge pompier montreal rock à deux slam disques

Rouge Pompier

Les 8 règles de Rouge Pompier

1ère règle: Tu ne parles pas de Rouge Pompier.

2ème règle: Tu ne PARLES PAS de ROUGE POMPIER.

3ème règle: Si t’entends une chanson de Rouge Pompier, tu lèves le son.

4ème règle: Seulement 2 gars dans un band de rock à deux.

5ème règle: Jamais seul dans un show et tu call off à la job le lendemain.

6ème règle: Juste ton t-shirt de Rouge Pompier, pas le droit de gougounnes.

7ème règle: Un seul album aux 4 ans, le show va durer le temps qu’il faut, y’aura pas de rappel, parce que c’est fake.

8ème règle: Il y a ceux qui font partie du groupe Rouge Pompier, ta mère c’est Anne Dorval et y’a les autres.

Kevin Bacon est sorti en 2012. Chevy Chase est sorti en 2016. Rouge Pompier a promis un album de rock à deux aux 4 ans comme aux élections. Le nouveau gouvernement Neve Campbell sera élu le 20 mars 2020. On respecte les règles.

Rouge Pompier signe et interprète des textes avec une seule ligne de parti : en autant qu’on ait abordé précisément ce sujet, de cette façon, pour la première fois, ça passe. Interdiction qu’un autre groupe puisse avoir écrit la même chose. Pour le reste, ils restent achetables, surtout si tu les invites déjeuner Chez Janine.

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Frigid Alternative Music Montreal underground


Somewhere between a film noir and a smokey dancefloor; FRIGID’s soundscape showcases a strong flare for the underground, the alternative, the obscure, the seductive and the divine.

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council indie pop rock new york


COUNCIL consists of three brothers hoping to trade in a life of farming for success in their true passion, music. Pat, Doug and Andy Reeves have balanced working in the fields of Baldwinsville, NY during the day and honing their craft at night in their family barn. Their commitment to their music has begun to pay off.

They have recently gained both local and national attention for their unique sound and charismatic performances. Having played numerous successful shows at the mainstays in NYC, and opening for bands such as The Strumbellas, The All American Rejects and The Kooks, they have established themselves as one of the top up and coming bands to watch. ​

COUNCIL has had their music played throughout the 2018 Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, World Of Dance, and the Premier League to name a few. They just released a new single, Savages, and are currently on a pop up tour of NYC sponsored by Bose through the spring of 2020.

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null-o band indus synthrock canada

Null-O Band

Null-O Band: Independent Canadian band formed in 2019.
Musical style: synthrock, industrial, syberpunk, EDM
Albums so far: Parallax View (2020), Martian Tavern Jukebox (2021)

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fedras indie alt pop duo ontario


Fedras is a Canadian vocal and instrumental duo consisting of siblings Stefani and Alex Fedra. Fedras is an Independent Unsigned Performing Act from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

In 2015-2017, Stefani was signed with a local independent label for her first project. This collaboration resulted in a string of well received Electro POP songs like “Miss You Baby”, “Never let me go” and “Same Kiss”.

In 2019, Stefani partnered with her brother Alex, a classically trained Pianist, Keyboardist and music composer to form the Fedras.

Fedras music falls into the singer/songwriter and adult contemporary style. It can also be described as Indie or Alternative POP. While influenced by bands such as Oh Wonder and Artists such as Adele, Fedras managed to develop their own unique style and sound (as heard on YouTube),

In the fall of 2020, a well-established music Production Studio in Greece, undertook the initiative to reproduce and remix the Fedras songs. The songs were just re-released as (SKMX) radio edit mixes. The new mixes infuse a new Sound and a new fresh Breath into the Fedras music.

Currently, the Fedras are working on a new project and hoping to release new material the spring of 2021.

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black cart rock unsigned uk

Black Cart

Black Cart is an unsigned 5-piece rock band whose music adds a contemporary edge to songs with their roots in one of the golden eras of rock.

Originally formed in the 1970s in the West of Scotland-from where most of the band all come-the band’s name references the river that flows through their home town. A wealth of experience in songwriting and performance is clear for any listener to appreciate. The band’s driven yet harmonic style is a theme of their material, all of which is original.

The members of Black Cart played as Ichthus and Front Page News in the 1970s and ‘80s and having gone their separate ways reformed in 2017-each bringing new experiences to the mix. Their reunion live performance at The Songwriting Academy in Farringdon, London was very well received! The band has had several radio plays on the UK’s prestigious “BBC Introducing” shows as well as being a popular contributor to dozens of local radio stations across the globe.

Having now released 10 singles, the band’s debut album, Coming Home, was released in late 2020. It is a work that could be argued to have been 40 years in the making, containing a mix of brand new songs and rearrangements of some of our very earliest material. Whether you like soaring guitars, lush keyboards, beautiful harmonies or just a great melody, there’s something for you.

Key musical influences include Queen, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy, King Crimson and Wishbone Ash.

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phillip foxley multi-genre composer uk

Phillip Foxley

Phillip Foxley is a multi-genre songwriter and musician. He writes Blues, Rock, Punk and Piano/Acoustic music for TV and film soundtrack licensing from his home studio in Wales, UK.

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jim basnight folk rock

Jim Basnight

Jim Basnight released « Jokers, Idols and Misfits » on November 2nd. It is his 9th full album release including « Pop Top » (1993), « Sexteen » (1996), « The Jim Basnight Thing » (1997), « Makin’ Bacon » (1999), « Seattle-NY-LA » (2001), « Recovery Room » (2004), « Introducing Jim Basnight » (2012) and « Not Changing » (2019).

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little strange manchester rock

Little Strange

Hailing from Manchester, Little Strange are six musicians who co-exist in a world far-far-away from their visceral Northern England base. Baring microcosmic resemblance to extras in a Sergio Leone western, Little Strange evoke a B-movie spirit capable of capturing silver screen audiences.

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Scandal modern family band no genré


We are a modern family band called Scandal.
Audrey Parsons: Vocals
Craig Parsons: Vocals, keyboards, song writing
Keegan Parsons: Vocals, guitar, song writing
We are based in Penistone, Sheffield in the UK.
We make ‘no rules’ music. No one genré. Sometimes dance-driven with a funky edge and sometimes, a bit darker. All three of us sing. We are influenced by everything; heavy rock, pop, rap, jazz and modern electronica, however, we try to keep it quite commercial and accessible.

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TR-Gang dj producer techno thailand


TR-Gang DJ/Producer from Thailand

My music was ever rub to top 1 Spinning Talent pool

And on air a lot of Radio in Uk and Global

Contact link

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fielding chase indie rock codona family

Fielding Chase

Fielding Chase is the current musical moniker of William Codona and his wife Rachel. William comes from several generations of entertainers, a legacy stretching back over two centuries. The Codona family hall of fame includes acrobats, clowns, Punch and Judy performers, world famous trapeze artists and fairground show people who travelled across Europe and America to bring entertainment to the masses.
William’s musical adventure takes a similar approach as it travels around the genres. Cardiacs (the recent E.P. is dedicated to the memory of Tim Smith), De Staat, David Byrne, Rammstein, Foo Fighters, Buzzcocks, Manic Street Preachers and Twenty One Pilots are among the most prominent musical influences. Vintage horror movies and cult classics such as ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ provide cinematic ingredients thrown into the Fielding Chase melting pot.
William is a native of Glasgow and it was in that city’s fertile indie rock breeding ground in the 1990s that he cut his musical teeth as a member of The Surfin’ Gnomes and Subway, the latter of which attracted some significant interest from record labels but were fated to become another band stuck between rock n roll and a hard luck place.
Fielding Chase was the character played by William Shatner in his second murderous guest starring role in Columbo’s ‘Butterfly in Shades of Grey’ in 1994. Whether that trivia fact is relevant to the band and its music, is up to you to channel your own personal Peter Falk to investigate. Your own sense of musical adventure should compel you to investigate the output of Fielding Chase the band.

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Gib Solo Artist Multiple genres


Gib (pronounced Jib) is a solo artist producing music that covers multiple genres from mellow piano to alternative rock.
Currently writing mainly electronic music using keyboards and synths.
He has recorded and released numerous albums and E.P.s and is continuing to develop whilst experimenting and exploring each new direction he takes.
In 2020 he recorded and released 5 albums and 14 E.Ps.
His music is available on all platforms.
Lives in Sussex, England

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the samu composer singer producer

The Samu

THE SAMU est un chanteur, compositeur et producteur audiovisuel. Il est né le 28 mars 1997 à Pereira, Colombie. En 2014, il a commencé cette folle aventure musicale dans le genre Reggaetón avec son single Fantasía Sexual, une chanson qui en raison de sa grande acceptation avait une version Remix avec un artiste de Porto Rico. Samu est reconnu pour son travail avec des artistes et des producteurs de classe mondiale. En 2019, il structure sa carrière et commence à se positionner dans différents médias avec son single «Or Nah (Spanish Version)» de type Trap.
L’artiste a été présent à différents événements et récompenses de la scène musicale, partageant sur les différents tapis avec de grands artistes et personnalités publiques. Après sa sortie de quarantaine intitulée « Distance », The Samu se prépare à présenter au marché sa nouvelle chanson intitulée « FlowStar » chanson de type R&B dans laquelle il remercie tous ceux qui ont fait partie de son processus et cherche à motiver les autres travailler pour vos rêves. Le Samu est vérifié et certifié par les principales plateformes de l’industrie musicale, toutes leurs chansons sont disponibles dans les magasins numériques.

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hfdt electro pop france


Groupe Electro Pop basé près de Paris France 🇫🇷
Embarquement pour un voyage dans le temps musical! HFDT nous emmène à travers les décennies à bord de son vaisseau spatial musical! Sortez la boule à facettes, il est essentiel de vous plonger dans le monde du HFDT.

Odyssée dans le futur feat Sofig; Prochain single le 5 février 2021 sur toutes les plateformes de musique numérique. Soutenez notre musique en nous suivant sur Spotify 😜 #HFDT

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the empty mirrors Anglo-Finnish song project alt pop

The Empty Mirrors

The Empty Mirrors is an Anglo-Finnish song project that specialises in quirkily visual alt-pop. We tell stories you’ve never heard. We take you to places you’ve never been. You might feel a little wobbly afterwards, but it’ll pass.

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Andrew Slater singer songwriter folk

Andrew Slater

Andrew Slater is a singer-songwriter and music minister from Western Pennsylvania. His mission is writing soundtrack of faith. With songs about hope, and songs about life through the highs and lows. Andrew released his debut album « Sunny Morning » in May 2020. Along with writing, he is featured on the album in vocals, guitar, and keys. In December 2020 Andrew released « Silent Night » a folk rendition of the famous centuries old carol. Andrew is actively recording, check his socials for future releases and events!

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a tercio pelao punk valencia spain

A Tercio Pelao

Nous sommes un groupe punk du quartier populaire de Benimaclet (Valence), notre groupe est né en 2016 en tournée dans les rues avec une guitare et un cajon flamenco faisant des versions punk, en 2018 nous ferions le saut vers un format électrique en tournée les principaux « squats » et petites salles dans le pays, sortira en mars 2020 notre premier LP intitulé « Hijos de la huerta », un LP que nous n’avons pas encore pu présenter en live à cause de la pandémie, et nous avons une incroyable envie de brûler la scène!

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ralf dee solo artist germany alt. blues folk indie

Ralf Dee

Ralf Dee is a solo artist from Germany. He is playing Alternative/Blues/Folk/Indie with German lyrics. He has released an EP, three albums and four singles since 2008. In 2017 « Glück gehabt », the first album with German lyrics came out. Since then he has been writing in German language continuously. On his latest single « Regen, Regen komm », you can also hear electronic sounds. He will keep this direction and is mixing electronic elements with bluesy guitar riffs on his new material as well, which will be released in 2021.

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maddisyn challe singer songwriter brantford ontario canada

Maddisyn Challe

Maddisyn Challe is a 16 year old singer/songwriter from Brantford, Ontario, Canada! Maddisyn has currently released 2 original songs called “My Goodbye” and “She’s Alright”! My Goodbye is about bullying, depression, mental health and suicide awareness. Mental Health Awareness has always been very important to Maddi and as she is apart of the Jack.Org Chapter at her school, Assumption College! Music has always been Maddisyn’s biggest passion! You can find her on Instagram: maddimusic05 and Facebook & YouTube: Maddi Music! 💕🎤🎶💕

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alan morrissey guitar player composer soundtrack artist instrumental rock heavy funk

Alan Morrissey

UK based guitar player, composer and soundtrack artist. My music is guitar focused, heavy funk metal with big compositions, fast solos and chunky crunchy riffs, calling back to the ’70’s, ’80’s and ’90’s hey-day of British and American rock and metal bands!

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opeNWave Multi-instumentist French Francais


French musician.
Multi-instrumentalist (sax, drums, guitars, keyboards) and composer, mostly ambient style.
Last release Keys, neoclassical piano tracks to get sweetness for the end of this weird year…

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the safe words

The Safe Words

Nicole Christine – Vocals, guitar, piano, music, lyrics
With guest appearances by:
TJ Wark – guitar
Matt Weber – drums and bass
Jeffrey Fields – bass

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luisetoza composer guitarist luthier venezuela indie rock folk


LuisetozA is a band led by a musician / composer / guitarist / luthier from Venezuela, one day they had no name for the band and their names and surnames were combined, « LUIS Eduardo TOrres ZAmora », this musician always says that it is a band because not He feels that he is a soloist, this band is made up of musicians who are friends of this guitarist, he has had musical and song collaborations with Paola Pavan (Anima Música) from Argentina, Eduardo Padrino from Venezuela, Fania Cruz from Venezuela, Luifer from Venezuela, Rose Alaimo from USA, in short, each musician leaves something in each musical note that is played in each song, whether in a live performance or recorded in the music studio.

When he is not making or playing music, he is reading books from many literatures, participating in presentations and conferences, abandoned to God, walking, or working as a statistician.

Listen to their music, enjoy it and share it, please! God always bless you, thank you.

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light shadows darkelectro duo

Light Shadows

Light Shadows is two person dark electro band. Cassandra Vincent and Philip Peters met in a short lived punk band. They write their own music and have many genre influences including dark electro, post punk, alternative rock, blues, goth, new wave and EDM

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drollery Punk N Roll - Spain


Drollery is a punk ‘n’ roll band based in Spain. Our influences are bands like Misfits, Ramones or Motörhead.

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funhouse mirrors Prog. Rock - New Jersey

Funhouse Mirrors

Imagine a band that explores new territories and embraces risks, such as a progressive rock band. Now imagine it having members between the ages of seventeen to nineteen who give the music a fresh youthful excitement. Funhouse Mirrors is that four- piece teen band, hailing from Northern New Jersey. Their love of progressive rock naturally complements their heavy, indie influences.
Founded in early 2019 by guitarist/vocalist Johnny Weiner and drummer/vocalist Evan Sheppard, and joined shortly after by keyboardist/vocalist Dan Centeno and bassist Chris Ochoa, they have played numerous shows at venues Debonair Music Hall and Dingbatz ever since. Their debut album, Coloring Book produced by their guitarist, just dropped in September, 2020. The music video for their first single, “(Another Day in) Ancap Paradise,” gained over 1000 views on YouTube during the first few weeks after its release.
Although the pandemic has put a hold on live shows, it has not halted Funhouse Mirrors’ progress with writing new material and recording. The band anticipates new releases and performing on live streams in the near future.

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bwb Black Water Brigade - Ontario - Rock


BWB (aka: Black Water Brigade) is an Ottawa Valley based Original Rock Band. We have 2 Albums out (« Black Water Brigade » -2018-) & « Voices » -2020-), our sound is based in Classic Rock/Hard Rock and 90’s Rock. We are a very fluid sounding band with textures ranging from acoustic based songs to all out loud outta control rockers. Always writing, always growing as musicians and as a band, check out our stuff, ya just might find a groove or two that suites you, enjoy…BWB

BWB is:
Mike Graham: Guitar/Bass/Keyboards/Lead & Backing Vocals
Jason Thomas: Guitar/Bass/Lead & Backing Vocals
Steve Anthony: Drums & Percussion/Backing Vocals

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jon cohen ex montreal songwriter multi-instrumentalist electro pop experimental

Jon Cohen Experimental

Jon Cohen is a Montreal songwriter/multi-instrumentalist whose electrifying story-songs transport listeners into the dreamlike dance floors of their minds. His tunes are rooted in 90s fuzz-washed electro and quickly reach toward the sunshine of hip-shaking electro grooves. Full of reflective abandon, familiar and strange, with all the burning hope of jumping off a cliff with a brand-new parachute

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marianne dissard singer songwriter france

Marianne Dissard

“Quelle richesse, quelle diversité, quelle complexité ! » (Le Parisien FR)

Sonoran desert noir chanteuse, Thanet-hinged performer, brutally honest author, Marianne Dissard left her home in Tucson, Arizona for a dream boat in England. Her music plays effortlessly with contradictions; tender yet abrasive; melodramatic but vulnerable; comical and heartbreaking.

“As urgent as Patti Smith, as indifferent as Nico, and as sexy as Nancy Sinatra.” (Blurt Mag USA) ____ « An eccentric character who releases very fine and wonderful records, in fact so eccentric she once toured the French Pyrénées on foot with a donkey. » (Marc Riley BBC6, UK) ____ “Nicht nur Chanson Américaine, es ist auch Musik extraordinaire” (DeutschlandRadio Kultur Tonart DE)

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The Word66 Christian Rock

The Word66

Rocking to a higher power

A Christian rock band on a mission to spread the word with rocking melodies and positive lyrics, coming from a place deep within their hearts, and led by the Holy Spirit.
Founded in 2018 by veteran guitarist Steve Scott, the band is inspired by various artists including the likes of Sabbath, Zeppelin, Disciple, and Thousand Foot Krutch to name a few. The band’s debut single « On the way to the promise land » is inspired by « the good book » and is being well received and added to many radio station playlists, Christian, AOR, Hair band and hardcore.

Steve had lost his way from religion and his love for playing music for many years until God brought him back to fulfill this purpose. Steve added « We all have a purpose in life. It took us a while to understand ours. »
The band’s purpose is to write music that will send out various messages to all who would like to hear. Steve says « We just write some good rock n roll with positive lyrics. » « We like to think that in some cases we are adding some light to the darkness. »
Edgy with a touch of commercial acceptability, this Christian rock band, is bringing its catchy melodies and thought provocative lyrics evident in their music and debut single.
Other songs to follow are inspired by scripture and our everyday struggles in life and where to find the answers.

The Word66 has been chosen to spread the good news in their unique way to all who will listen.

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Ivory Tower Project Independant Rock Old School - Artists

Ivory Tower Project

Independent recording artists: Ivory Tower Project are a new breed of old school rockers. New original music, with a retro sound inspired by the great Classic Pop/Rock/R&B artists of the 1970s and 80s. Ivory Tower Project (ITP) has received rave reviews and radio airplay on over 700 stations in 36 countries.

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PAPA Sound Swedish Duo electro pop dancehall reggae afrobeat

PAPA Sound

PAPA SOUND A Swedish duo baking outernational musical biscuits full of bass and riddim. Almost like another Swedish act: ABBA, the name PAPA comes from the two songwriters given names, PAolo and PAtrik. No other similarities what so ever. This is bass driven tunes, one foot in Dancehall another in AfroBeat a third in Reggae. The vocals are, at this point, made by guests from Jamaica or Africa and is considered the icing on the cake. This Project came to birth 2020. Peace PAPA SOUND Patrik Arve ( Teddybears, Swedish Tiger Sound, Von Arfve ) Paolo Albo ( Wavedogs )

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KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus

KOJI The Planet Stoned Plus

Indie Rock, Alternative Rock. song, guitar, bass with 20th century MPC beats.
since 2017 Vocal, guitar, composer, KOJI and Bass, YUMIKO We repeated the gig at a live venue in Tokyo, Japan.
Tracks sampled with old rhythm boxes and turntables such as Zoom, MPC are taken from old Japanese records.
The audience does not know the original music.
It is often described as Japan Psyche.
The composer KOJI sings a simple rock and roll.
KOJI has a wide range of musical backgrounds such as rock, Hip-Hop, roots reggae, techno, and Indian classical music.
A 20th century rhythm box and sampler are used for the composition process.
The rhythm is assembled with a machine from one sound cut out from old Japanese records.
The audience does not know the original music.

It is often described as Japan Psyche.
In the live performance, KOJI plays the guitar and sings like a bad boy.
YUMIKO’s Bass trembles.
BLACK PAINTED BEASTIE BELL has been played 16,000 times and is still being listened to every day.

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Carrion Industrial Rock Norway


Carrion is an industrial rock band from Norway. Founded and fronted by main composer Hide Tepes. The band has created ever evolving hymns with buzzing chainsaw guitars , thunderous drums and sharp , cutting vocals since 2014.

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Talk Show Host Indie Punk Ontario

Talk Show Host

After two years, Toronto’s indie-punk trio Talk Show Host returns with a brand new song, “This Monologue, » their first single ahead of a new LP out on Wiretap Records. Equal parts catchy melody, indie vibe and pop/punk sensibility, the track is about the running commentary in your head that tells you about all the things you’ve done wrong, are currently doing wrong, and are about to do wrong. It’s the self-help anthem for those who hate self-help anthems and it’s perfectly tuned to life under an endless pandemic lockdown.

Active since 2015, the band has self released 3 critically acclaimed EPs and embarked on tours & festivals in Canada and throughout Europe, sharing the stage with bands like Pet Symmetry, Direct Hit!, Planes Mistaken for Stars, Big Nothing, The Atom Age, Heart Attack Kids, Burst One’s Side, and The Steve Adamyk Band, to name only a few.

Their debut LP will be out in spring 2021.

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Dorothy Harris indie rock spain

Dorothy Harris

We are Dorothy Harris, a recent indie rock band from Spain. We just want to disturb the current music scene around the world with our proposal full of energic guitars and careful melodies, that´s why we have just recorded our debut EP, hope you enjoy it!

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Vox Jane Macedonia

Vox Jane

Vox Jane are Filip Janevski and Daliborka Janevska. They come from Skopje, Macedonia. Filip is a producer, composer, and guitarist in the band, and Daliborka is a vocalist, composer, and songwriter.

Our musical collaboration started back in 2004 with the band Gray Nova with which we recorded two singles together, and after that, we created the group DINA and in 2005 we released the music album « Returning to The Light ». The genre of music is mostly alternative and rock with an electronic ambiance.

The band Vox Jane will present the single « Something Beautiful » as a harbinger of a new music project that is yet to air worldwide.

Musicians of the single are:
Filip Janevski – acoustic guitar, co-author, and producer
Daliborka Janevska – vocalist and author of music and lyrics
Rob O’Block – guitars
Charles Berthoud – bass guitar
Brandon Davis – drums

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Voilà un rock dégingandé et poétique qui vous embarque dans une drôle atmosphère en clair-obscur.
(chroniques de Monsieur l’ouïe)

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Matt Warren Rock solo artist

Matt Warren

Matt grew up in the 80’s and was initially inspired by bands like Guns & Roses and Bon Jovi. Though he never quite fitted into the whole hair metal scene so decided to pave his own path. He played in bands throughout his teens, even getting scouted by a number of top-class labels and management companies. His early band Smackwater Jack was formed in the early 90’s and gained much critical acclaim before coming to a halt in the mid 2000’s. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Matt decided to pick his guitar back up. After two months of rigorous writing, he came out with thirty odd tracks, much of which went onto his first full-length album as a solo artist “Because We All Want To Escape”.

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Falling Nine Rock Duo Cardiff

Falling Nine

Falling Nine are a 2-piece rock project from Cardiff, Wales consisting of David Lydiard (Vocals, Guitars, Synths) & Steven Watts (Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths). Since its inception, the pair have been joined by several collaborators.
The duo, who have known each other since school, create Rock music with a melodic edge and cite numerous influences spanning multiple genres from Classic Rock to Pop and from Blues to Black Metal.

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Jols Bask Crocmas video Paul Fletcher Off Christmas

Jols Bask

G-Day, my name is Paul Fletcher I created this music video and wrote the song in which artists and musicians I hired make up this mad mix of one off Christmas song which was made mixed mastered and produced by Robert Ruby in LA with the majority of the music by myself. SO PEEPS. .
Here’s my #Christmas music video🎶🎬
As a 🌠SPECIAL PROMOTION🌠 I am giving years of work away in my Kids #awardwinning 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 #stopmotionanimation
#merrycrocmas 🎄🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🎄
to the 1st lucky few 2,020
⭐TOTALLY #FREE ⭐🥳🤟Go here 👉to my website;

At the checkout use this code; SHAREMC

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Hadrian's Union Contemporary Folk Rock England Scotland

Hadrian’s Union

Hadrian’s Union are Greg Jenkinson (Bass Guitar) & Robin Jowett (Melodeon and Keys), Matt Mellor (Lead Guitar), Saul Rose (drums), with Hadrian’s Union founding member Stew Simpson on Guitar and vocals.
Hadrian’s Union are a five piece Contemporary Folk Rock band from the debatable lands of England and Scotland. The name originates from the locality and mindset of the band, Hadrian’s Union (or HU for short) as seperate members are based along various points of Hadrian’s Wall, they all come from various music genres (Folk, Punk, Rock, Blues,Celtic, Ska etc) which reflects in the music they create together

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Wavewulf Nicholas Long Electro


Wavewulf (Nicholas Long) grew up listening to his father’s record collection, which included bands such as Pink Floyd and The Beatles. This early exposure to music lit a spark in him! Long was first inspired to play synthesizers at age 13 when he went on a trip with a friend to see Depeche Mode in 1991, and saw them making inspiring music with synthesizers.

As a teen, Long was able to hone his skills as a synth player in local bands, composing music himself using hardware synthesizers, midi and a sequencer, which he then recorded to a Tascam 4-track. After graduating from college in 2000, Long moved to Boston in 2001, and then to NYC in 2006.

After finishing graduate school in 2017, Long founded Wavewulf when he came into a small amount of money after his mother’s tragic death (like his father, from cancer). He invested in more analogue synthesizers and some professional recording equipment. Wavewulf recorded his first album, Oscillation, in the spare room of his NJ apartment. Oscillation was released in early 2019.

Since Oscillation, Wavewulf expanded his synth collection and recorded Green Decay partly out of frustration with the current political situation around the world, especially regarding the current path leaders are on toward the destruction of the planet. Besides the environmental and political themes in his music, Wavewulf also makes music as a way to deal with his parents deaths and to explore the complicated questions of life, death, the universe, and love.

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El Enigma spanglish medical student songwriter

eL enigmA

I simply am a medical student and songwriter from Memphis, TN who wanted to share his experience in the form of Spanglish music. I believe that a lot of our cultures are centered around what we hear, and the stories other artists have to tell impact us in various ways. I am not here for the money, but rather to give people a place to listen to good music that has a positive message. My target audience is everyone, but I do speak two languages in my songs. I do not do this to divide, but rather to provide a space for people to have a diverse experience and see how music can be enjoyed no matter what the language is. Gracias por leer este cuadrito sobre quien soy. Espero que disfruten mi musica.

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Collin Stanton Composer - Songwriter

Collin Stanton

I’ve been playing and composing music since the early 70s. I created a channel and have over 30 original song drafts published there under my name Collin Stanton® under which I also published an eBook. I am an artist, doing my best to serve our truth as a family of life, reliant upon each other. I’m self-taught and may have at least a dozen songs good enough to share with some pride.

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Highfront Heavy Hard Rock - Ontario


Bio | HIGHFRONT | Heavy Hard Rock | Ottawa, Canada

Formed in September of 2019 the members of HIGHFRONT are Adam Loback Guitar / Vocals (ex Hellbound and A Darker Day) Corey Zadorozny Drums ( ex Sam Roberts Band and Wicked Mercy) JC Croizet Bass ( ex Antix and Anthem ) Cameron Farrell Guitar ( His first band! )

The sound of the band is rooted in a heavy hard rock sound and the four members of HIGHFRONT bring a wide range of influences and many years of experience that the band hopes will help them branch out while remaining true to a straight up heavy rock sound.

Their debut EP, Footsteps In The Sounds, produced by Jordon Zadorozny, who has worked with Courtney Love, Melissa Auf der Maur, Sam Roberts and Tara Slone has been well received by radio and media outlets.

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Jed Elno French Multi-genre Rock Electro

Jed Elno

French multi genre – Rock & Electro – producer and guitar player.
I wrote my first rock instrumental album, Life, in memory of my mom in July 2020.
I mainly wrote electronic music singles since (8) and get ready for my 2nd rock album in 2021.

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Collapse of dawn indus. darkwave sapphira vee melodywhore

Collapse of Dawn

Combining elements of industrial and darkwave with sonic noisescapes and world influences,
Collapse of Dawn is an electronic project started in January 2020 by Sapphira Vee and Upon
Eventual Collapse, releasing their first album, ‘Transcendence’, in April. The follow up
album, ‘…of Dreams & Nightmares’, is slated to release in early January 2021 and sees the
addition of Melodywhore to the band’s lineup.

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Sapphira Vee New York - Darkwave

Sapphira Vee

Sapphira Vee is half human, half machine from Western NY. The machines provide automation which allow her human hands and imagination to create, perform and record this music. Heavily influenced by her industrial roots, her driving beats and a dark wave vibe make her an electro vixen who demands your attention!

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Sophie Dorsten indie pop singer songwriter Arizona

Sophie Dorsten

National Recording Artist Sophie Dorsten is an Indie/Pop Singer-Songwriter born and raised in the Phoenix, Arizona area. She has been singing her strong, dynamic sound around the valley and beyond since she was 9 years old. #littleblondegirlbigvoice
Sophie has been releasing EP’s and singles since she was 13. Her single “Tomorrow” which she recorded in Nashville, was released in May 2020 and received great reviews. « I wrote this about the unknown of what tomorrow brings.” She then released “Babydoll” in October and “Sea Salt” in November, both of which were created with her brother Alex at home.
Sophie has been a part of Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock teen center in Phoenix for several years volunteering her time in giving vocal lessons as well as big events, whether it be singing at the event or physically helping. Sophie even performed back-up vocals with Alice Cooper at a press release party at the teen center!

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kurt137! toulouse france punk


KURT!, groupe historique toulousain qui a écumé la France et quelques pays européens
de 1988 à 1992 aux côtés des groupes majeurs (français et anglais) de l’époque,
genre Parabellum, OTH, Les Garçons Bouchers, Les Rats, The Stranglers,
Killing Joke, Damned, Thugs, Red London, Red Alert,… entre autres !
Reformé en 2015, le dernier lineup sort l’EP « Les Terres Brûlées » pendant la première crise sanitaire, le nom évolue en KURT137! KURT!, groupe historique toulousain qui a écumé la France et quelques pays européens de 1988 à 1992 aux côtés des groupes majeurs (français et anglais) de l’époque, genre Parabellum, OTH, Les Garçons Bouchers, Les Rats, The Stranglers, Killing Joke, Damned, Thugs, Red London, Red Alert,… entre autres !
Reformé en 2015, le dernier lineup sort l’EP « Les Terres Brûlées » pendant la première crise sanitaire, le nom évolue en KURT137!
Les nombreuses influences et une certaine vision de la société donnent des titres en français aux mélodies énergiques avec des guitares puissantes et incisives, soutenues par des rythmes tour à tour percutants ou plus calmes qui savent accrocher dès la première écoute.
Mais il n’y a pas que ça !!!
A découvrir sur scène pour finir de rentrer dans leur univers.
Les nombreuses influences et une certaine vision de la société donnent des titres en français aux mélodies énergiques avec des guitares puissantes et incisives, soutenues par des rythmes tour à tour percutants ou plus calmes qui savent
accrocher dès la première écoute.
Mais il n’y a pas que ça !!!
A découvrir sur scène pour finir de rentrer dans leur univers.

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Claire Bradshaw UK

Claire Bradshaw

UK-based musician Claire Bradshaw started her music career as a small 7-year-old with a large cello. She played in several youth orchestras until she swapped her cello for a guitar at the age of 15, and started her first band. She went on to play synths, guitar and bass for various bands in Nottingham UK, and Toronto, Canada. After a long hiatus she has returned to producing her own music, releasing three singles and a four-track EP, « Cairo » in 2020.

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Cilay Ensemble Jakarta Indonesia world music indie

Cilay ensemble

My name Mohamad Ichlas leader of cilay ensemble from Jakarta Indonesia.
We make music from the ethnic music with a touch a industrial vibes

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Michael Jacob french france indie pop

Michael Jacob

For his new EP, « More », unveiled on October 15, 2020, Michael Jacob surrounded himself with a string quartet and Cuban musicians with the ambition to make those who will listen to him travel in so many musical universes that many songs, with the particularity of proposing for a title two versions with different melodies, with variations on theme around « I Live For You », its most complete composition to date, of « I Wonder (Where You Are) « illustrated with a music video with guest actress Athena Zelkovich, and the very personal » The Lonely One « , a track in which he talks about his fight against stuttering and how music helped him to make this handicap a force …

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Racasse artiste multidisciplinaire Montreal lofi hiphop


Artiste de Montréal multidisciplinaire créant principalement des beats ambiants et relaxants.

Montreal artist creating ambiant and relaxing lofi songs.

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silverbird singer songwriter pop rock folk


The roots of Silverbird are widespread and lie somewhere between singer-songwriter, rock, folk, pop and heavy metal. From this diversity the band has created a unique style with a high recognition value.
Catchy melodies, expressive power and songs with heart and soul are signature features of the band.
The lyrics are about dreams, big emotions, about dayly struggle and longings and tell stories from the journey through life.

Initially the EP « Fly Into The Light“ and then the Single « Too Late » were pure studio projects.
At this moment Silverbird was a solo project of the singer and songwriter Otto Steiner.
The recordings were made in collaboration with studio- and guest musicians and were presented by different radio stations.
After that he took to the road and was looking for spirit brothers he could continue this project with and present the songs live with a new livery.
Unexpectedly he found old friends on the way and so finally the band was complete in its current band lineup:
Otto Steiner – Lead vocals, e- and a-guitars, mandolin
Roland Römer – Bass, percussion, backing vocals
Lothar Jackel – Drums, percussion, backing vocals

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Twilight Music Sculpture Toronto - House Music

Twilight Music Sculpture

Sean (Twilight Music Sculpture) wants to share his love for music with the world. This high energy guy wears his emotions on his sleeve and this shines through in his work.
Said to have 9 lives, this guy doesn’t stop. High on life and works with passion, he’s always in the moment.

“I’m an eternal optimist, living life to the fullest with no regrets!”

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Malcolm MacWatt Scottish solo musician

Malcolm MacWatt

Scottish musician Malcolm MacWatt has already gained recognition for his powerful song-writing. As a solo performer, swapping out his telecaster for an acoustic guitar, his story-telling comes to the fore, often with brutal clarity, writing about love, loss, guilt and loneliness with recurring themes of home, connection and family. By paring songs down to the absolute minimum he allows the lyrics and melodies to take priority.

Age 12 and getting into the guitar, Malcolm first heard Johnny Cash at San Quentin and was immediately hooked into country music, especially the more traditional, folk elements with roots stretching back across the Atlantic to Britain and Europe. As his interest in the guitar developed over the years he has been influenced by players from across the music spectrum including Jimmy Page, Jimmy Vaughan, Brian Robertson, Robert Smith, Django Reindhardt , Tony Rice and many others. He includes Justin Currie, Martin Stephenson, Steve Earle, John Martyn and Gillian Welch as songwriters who have shaped his writing in some form.

“Country is heart, guts and soul music, born out of difficult times, and I try to keep that in my writing whether it’s a country song or otherwise,” he says. “In one way or another I’ve lived my songs. They’re very personal and honest but at every gig people always tell me how they relate to them… I love when that happens.”

I’ve packed a lot of experiences into my life, working as a newspaper journalist, a roustabout in the North Sea offshore oil industry and most recently in inner-London schools. My first band The Firewatchers toured extensively through Scotland during the eighties. I moved to London in 2010 to study guitarmaking with some of the UK’s best luthiers and in late 2016 started The Glass Mountains where I played guitars, dobro and fiddle. In November 2018 I released my first solo album Anywhere But Here, followed by Three Truths and The Chord in June 2019. My third album, a full band 70s rock production entitled « Dial It Back » was released in January 2020, followed four months later by the country-influenced « Hearts and Horizons » EP. On July 4th the same year I put out a Celtic folk/Americana EP called SKAIL. All have received glowing reviews and global radio play.

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Child9 - Lee Midgley - English Composer


Lee Midgley is a English composer. For him, the piano and guitar are the best way to explore and express his musical talents. Music must be able to express sensations linked to his own autobiographical experience. His approach to music is very melodic, refined and sensitive, I play and compose for myself: with any instrument I feel free, calm, relaxed & creative. I experience music with a great feeling of well-being. Emotions and positive feelings that I translate in my music and that I want to convey to those who listen. Most of his music comes from dreams, where they come from who knows? he says it’s hard to turn off & most songs are actually full scores in his head when he awakes.

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Diddie Hair Singer Songwriter UK

Diddie Hair

20 year old singer/songwriter from Hull in the UK. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 5 and recently started writing my own songs…

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The John Michie Collective rock multi-instrumentalist multimedia artist england

The John Michie Collective

The John Michie Collective is a multi-instrumentalist and multimedia artist from the North of England. John’s art tries to explore personality, truth, beauty, inspiration and euphoria in the form of guitar-based psychedelia.

In John’s song writing, he is predominantly siphoning psych stalwarts including Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, with a touch of Lalo Schifrin and 1970s Fleetwood Mac.

The John Michie Collective’s debut LP High Vibrations will be released on the 12 February 2021. It is a multi-layered and firmly controlled freak-out.

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The Amber Bugs UK Punk Rock Ska Jazz Art Rock

The Amber Bugs

No man is one thing. We’re sons, brothers, partners, workers, nerds and rock stars. All at once, not in part, but fully. And that’s what you get with The Amber Bugs. A whole bunch of stuff crammed together, busting at the seams. Unapologetically hard to pin down but all the more real for it. Songs are energetic, noisy, rough around the edges and relentless in direction changes. They pull on Punk, Jazz, Ska and Lindy Hop influences to name just a few. At a strange time when covid has removed variety from our lives The Amber Bugs are here to give it back. All of it. Enjoy.

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Madison Olds Vancouver - Electro Pop Artist Artiste

Madison Olds

While 2020 has been a challenging year for most creatives, Madison Olds has pushed away adversities by releasing an impressive six singles throughout the year. Her three original electro-pop infused, hooky tracks have generated over 500,000+ streams collectively on Spotify alone, and have pushed her to new heights with international editorial support. Madison has also co-written and featured on a couple of songs; to share the diversity in her artistry, to her fans. UK’s iconic fashion & lifestyle brand, Pretty Little Thing even liked “3’S a Crowd” enough to use it in their recent global advertising campaign. With new single releases around the corner, a few surprises and the announcement of an EP, there is no slowing down going into 2021. In 2019, Madison released her debut album “Blue”, to the world and it opened many doors, including supporting the likes of: Willie Nelson, Kacey Musgraves, Neon Dreams, Scott Hellman & more. Her feature single “Moments in the Mountains” (written for Kamloops’ 2018 BC Winter Games) was selected as the soundtrack for the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver, BC. Her followup single “Thank You” launched Madison up the Hot AC Radio charts in Canada, placed her within the Top 10 of CBC Searchlight 2019, and helped garner several international showcases with Music Matters in Singapore, Fall 2019. “Blue” now has over 2 Million audio streams collectively.

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Nostalgia Deathstar future Retro Synth Punk Suo

Nostalgia Deathstar

We are a duo living 150 miles apart. Just humans and circuits. We are deliberately 1979 electronic post-punk, inspirationally 1980s synth pop, accidentally 1980s darkwave and notionally 1990s electronica. We write cynical love songs; challenges to power; saongs about revolution; songs of cultural unity; songs about digital wisdom; songs about claustrophobia and songs about dead musicians walking the streets as friends electric. We play our generation’s blues. We look back but are anti-nostalgia. We like juggernaut beats that are unstoppable. We like synths that colour the sky neon. Our favourite colour is vertical. We are 2020.


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Luxembourg Tobisonics Alt. Electro Pop


Luxembourg-based electronic music producer Tobisonics released his first solo production, alt-electro-pop groove, “All These Things” in March 2020. The follow-up, “Military Industrial Complex” was a politically-charged dose of driving electronics. January 2021, he due to release « Eye or the Storm ».

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Wild Horse English indie rock UK

Wild Horse

Wild Horse are a young, exciting English indie band whose albums & tracks have drawn favourable comparisons with some of the UK’s very best exports from critics both sides of the pond, but more than that it is establishing WILD HORSE as its own brand of Indie. At the end of 2019 their tracks were repeatedly played on BBC Introducing & in February 2020 they were invited to perform a live set, they have been a regular feature ever since.

Wild Horse are prodigious in every way, as Jack Baldwin (18), Older brother Henry (21) and buddy Ed Barnes (19) have just released their fourth album, “WE ARE IN AN IDENTITY CRISIS… BUT WE LOVE IT”. A monster release of 16 of the catchiest songs you are likely to hear this year. Expect the unexpected, from Pop, Classic Rock, Punky Reggae, Blue eyed Soul, Dirty Funk, Rap, Latin, and so much more. Yet it flows perfectly! Beautifully produced and highly recommended by critics on both sides of the pond.

The East Sussex boys are renowned for an exciting, powerful stage show, having honed their craft from an early age at all the iconic venues in London & the South East as well as several festivals, often playing the same stages as many of their heroes once did.
The reviews or their songs have been brilliant and extensively played on many radio stations worldwide. Their tracks & albums are available on all major platforms.

With many original tracks released and yet more still being written, there is no stopping their creativity & drive. Their live performance is an experience like no other with overwhelming presence and promiscuous energy which keeps audiences in the palm of their hands. Impressive considering their average age is only 19…

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Skylar Love Indie emerging Singer Songwriter Pennsylvania

Skylar Love

Skylar Love is an emerging and impressive Singer/Songwriter. A unique talent with music that is energetic, compelling and passionate. Even at the young age of 15 she has the ability to speak to the soul with her expressive and moving lyrics.

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Maxime Raux Pop Francaise

Maxime Raux

Autodidacte et ambitieux, Maxime à appris seul à chanter, jouer de la guitare, synthé et MAO. l’artiste à soif d’apprendre et ne cesse de vouloir se perfectionner ainsi que de créer des projets en collaboration avec d’autres artistes et créatifs de tout horizon.

Pas de nom de scène, Maxime à décidé de rester dans l’authenticité en associant son travail avec un personnage fidèle à son identité : Maxime Raux. Ce dernier compose en français pour rendre sa musique vraie et accessible.

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Obey The Brave Ontario Montreal Hell for Breakfast Canada - Metalcore

Obey The Brave

With a rise to prominence nearly as fast and relentless as their music, Canada’s finest Obey The Brave formed in 2012 and almost immediately found a worldwide fan base. Based out of Ottawa and Montreal, the band features Alex Erian (Despised Icon) on vocals as well as guitarist Terrence McAuley and drummer Stevie Morotti. By the middle of 2012, just over half-a-year becoming a band, the metalcore act found itself signed to iconic label Epitaph Records with the band’s debut album Young Blood in August of that same year. A sophomore album, Salvation, followed in 2014. After a tempestuous adventure with their last record Mad Season (2017), OTB managed to navigate out of troubled waters with a new set of songs that perfectly echoes the album title’s meaning. The musical experimentations from the previous record enabled the band this time to strengthen its style into a perfect blend that gracefully masters new melodic approaches while remaining deeply loyal to its hardcore and metal roots. Having recently partnered up with Hell For Breakfast, Montreal-based music label Slam Disques’ new division, the band is ready to start a new chapter in its history, starting on July 19th 2019 with the release of its new record Balance. This time around, OTB decided to team up with producer Paul Marc Rousseau (Silverstein), while keeping Dean Hadjichristou (Parkway Drive, Protest The Hero) on board for engineering. With the help of Sam Guaiana (Like Pacific) and Mike Kalajian (Emmure) respectively on mixing and mastering, the band sounds more energetic and vigorous than ever.

Avec une montée en puissance presque aussi rapide et implacable que leur musique, Obey The Brave s’est formé en 2012 et a presque immédiatement trouvé une base mondiale de fans. Basé à Ottawa et à Montréal, le groupe présente Alex Erian (Despised Icon) au chant ainsi que le guitariste Terrence McAuley et le batteur Stevie Morotti. Vers le milieu de 2012, le groupe de metalcore s’est retrouvé signé avec le label emblématique Epitaph Records et sortent leur premier album Young Blood en août de la même année. Un deuxième album, Salvation, a suivi en 2014. Après une aventure tumultueuse avec leur dernier album Mad Season (2017), OTB a réussi à sortir des eaux troubles avec un nouvel ensemble de chansons qui fait parfaitement écho au sens du titre de l’album. Les expérimentations musicales créées grâce aux précédents albums ont permis cette fois au groupe de renforcer son style en un mélange parfait, qui maîtrise gracieusement les nouvelles approches mélodiques tout en restant profondément fidèle à ses racines hardcore et métal. Ayant récemment conclu un partenariat avec Hell For Breakfast, la nouvelle division du label montréalais Slam Disques, le groupe est prêt à entamer un nouveau chapitre de son histoire, en commençant par le 19 juillet 2019 avec la sortie de son nouvel album, Balance. Cette fois-ci, OTB a décidé de faire équipe avec le producteur Paul Marc Rousseau (Silverstein), tout en gardant Dean Hadjichristou (Parkway Drive, Protest The Hero) à bord pour l’ingénierie. Avec l’aide de Sam Guaiana (Like Pacific) et Mike Kalajian (Emmure) respectivement sur le mixage et le mastering, le groupe sonne plus énergique et vigoureux que jamais.

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Thick Glasses Longueuil montreal slush punk hell for breakfast

Thick Glasses

Formé en 2016 dans un triangle géographique délimité par la Cité 2000, les Studios de Rouen et le Longueuil Pizza, Thick Glasses est né au milieu de séances de déjeuners remplies de discussions interminables sur Star Wars: l’Attaque des Clones & de jams au local de pratique bourrés de Girl Scout Cookies, de Doritos BBQ éclaté, de PBR pis d’amplis avec le volume crinqué à 11. Combinant instinctivement la catchiness et la rapidité des Descendents et des Vulgaires Machins à la groove et la lourdeur de Cancer Bats et de Red Fang, le groupe propose une mixture déroutante que le groupe étiquette lui-même comme du slu$h punk, sa version montréalaise et revampée de la musique sludge. Trop heavy pour les bands de rock, trop soft pour les bands heavy, Thick Glasses se torche de l’avis des puristes et se fraye un chemin dans l’underground montréalais avec l’ultime ambition de repousser artistiquement les limites du possible tout en y insufflant constamment l’essence de sa propre identité. En 2020, le trio sort un second EP en plus de joindre ses forces au label Montréalais, Hell For Breakfast.
Thick Glasses was born out of the geographical triangle anchored by Cité 2000, Studios de Rouen, and Longueuil Pizza and solidified amidst never-ending Star Wars: Attack of the Clones conversations over brunch and jams loaded with girl scout cookies, bold BBQ Doritos, PBRs and amps cranked to volume 11.

Combining instinctively the catchiness and speed of Descendents and Vulgaire Machins, with the groove and heaviness of Cancer Bats and Red Fang, the six songs make a for a perplexing mix that the band self-describes as “slu$h” punk; the revamped, Montréal-version of the more common “sludge” genre. Too hard to call it a rock band, too soft to call it heavy metal, they don’t care about other people’s opinions and keep bulldozing their way through the underground Montréal scene. The band always gives itself the mission to push artistic boundaries whilst maintaining the essence that makes the true Thick Glasses sound. In July 2020, they announced their association to the Montreal-based record label, Hell for Breakfast for their upcoming projects.

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The Matchup Santa Teresa Montreal Punk rock Hell for Breakfast

The Matchup

After over 15 years of rockin’ out in various bands, Sébastien Filiatrault and Bruno Longpré, AKA Rat & Burger for the intimates, totally left out one day, gathered around a messy table with a gazillion Pabst Blue Ribbon, 2 guitars and the will to take over the world.

Since the release of their first EP Turbo Power Excellent in 2012, pretty much all the underground punk rock scene from the Province of Québec started to have its eyes set on this new phenomenon hailing from Santa-Teresa that was The Matchup.

Following up the next year with Alternative To Metal, the band delivered some of its most memorable anthems, including Welcome Tomorrow, Follow Me Home, The Game and Low. Quickly, the band gathered a stronger following to its concerts with almost only the power of their music.

Right after the release of the third EP Cool Your Djent (2015), Rat went on a hiatus due to personal issues. Meanwhile, Burger kept the band going with the help of Pat Savate as well as Gilbert Vallerand.

However, in 2019, Rat surprised all Matchup fans by announcing his return in the band with Burger, just like in the good old days. From now on, the guys are more driven than ever to write a whole new chapter in the Matchup’s history. In 2020 they release their anthology and their new album ‘Straight to the Core’.

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super punk montreal hell for breakfast

Super Punk

Nouvellement arrivés chez Hell For Breakfast, Super Punk rassemble les membres de Guerilla Poubelle (ex), Fortune Cookie Club et Kamakazi pour éduquer les masses avec « Kim Jong Goes to Cégep ».

Digne du stock « old school » de Blink-182 ou de Sum 41, les mélodies de Super Punk sont courtes, accrocheuses, percutantes et, surtout, nostalgiques. « Kim Jong Goes to Cégep » pourrait parfaitement correspondre à la bande-sonore d’un film style American Pie meets Lords of Dogtown, et chacune des chansons y trouverait sa place!

Attention, nous ne sommes pas responsables si après avoir écouté l’album, vous avez une soudaine envie de remonter sur votre skate, vous rendre à la pizzeria du coin et faire des moshpits entre chums!

Fresh off the diner table from Hell for Breakfast comes the debut album from Super Punk. This super band brings together members of Guerilla Poubelle (ex), Fortune Cookie Club, and Kamakazi to educate the masses with “Kim Jong Goes to Cégep.”

You could take this whole album and write a coming-of-age skate punk movie à la American Pie meets Lords of Dogtown (and the associated documentary), and every song would hit the mark. With just the right ratio of campy elements, sound effects, and funny ad libs to racing riffs and smashing drums, Super Punk delivers exactly what your inner pop punk teen was searching for in a sea of perfectly mastered pop princesses. They masterfully blended the in-your-face, loud, repetition of bands like The Ramones and The Clash with the melody and vocals from the early 2000s (when we all unanimously were “going through it”, and Sum 41, Good Charlotte and Blink-182 were the only ones putting our thoughts into songs).

The incredible thing about punk music is that no matter what language you speak, you can feel and be moved by the music. Super Punk’s album sets this 22-song course on the table over 30 minutes and it is so good that even the most anglophone can scream the lyrics.

For punks, the beauty really is in the chaos and the simplicity of being loud, aggressive, and a little (a lot) crazy – and in 2020, what could we need more than an album that brings us just that.

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Sudden Waves Hardcore Montreal Hell for Breakfast

Sudden Waves

Although relatively new, the band has already shared the stage with notable acts such as Emmure, Counterparts, For The Fallen Dreams, Obey The Brave, Like Moths to Flames with over 35 shows played and counting – they’ve also had the opportunity to fire up the stage at DesBouleaux Fest, Envol & Macadam, Music4Cancer, Montebello Rockfest and Festival d’été de Québec. In 2019, they released a second effort in the form of a 4-track EP called “All We Have Is Now”, that redefined their aggressive and catchy sound and solidified their place in the scene. The EP notably has features with Brendan Murphy from Counterparts on the track “Contender” and Alex Erian from Obey The Brave and Despised Icon on “All We Have Is Now”, showing their versatility and the support they already have from giants in the metalcore scene. 2020 has been a big year for the band, following up the success of their previous Eps with their single “Entertainment” featuring Jayden Panesso from Sylar, garnering over 28K streams on YouTube for the accompanying music video that the guys filmed with their phones while in quarantine! To finish off the year, they’ve teamed up with the Montreal-based record label Hell for Breakfast for their upcoming projects

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Salmine pop hip-hop montreal Hell for breakfast


C’est sous le pseudonyme de Salmine que Benjamin Piette présente aujourd’hui En cher et en noces, son tout premier album à saveur pop et hip-hop. Déjà bien reconnu de son public pour ses textes denses et aboutis, cette nouvelle mouture lui permet de se concentrer encore plus sur l’écriture tout en ayant la possibilité d’explorer une toute nouvelle forme d’expression musicale. Avec la collaboration de DJ Horg et Frank Joly à la production, il en résulte un assortiment de morceaux dont l’ambiance se rapproche de la pop/rap des méga-stars françaises comme Orelsan et Lomepal tout en combinant une poésie empreinte de messages socio-politiques, rappelant davantage les efforts du vétéran Manu Militari.

Actif dans le milieu de la musique québécoise depuis plus de 10 ans, Benjamin Piette ne cesse d’enchaîner les projets. Touche-à-tout, l’auteur-compositeur-interprète s’est fait connaître plus particulièrement au sein des scènes folk-rock et punk francophone par l’intermédiaire de ses nombreux projets, soit Noé Talbot, Fortune Cookie Club, Col Rouge, Super Punk et Old School Politics.

En parallèle à ces nombreuses années passées à arpenter les routes lors de ses nombreuses tournées et de périples outre-Atlantique où il a accumulé près de 800 concerts, l’artiste a également entretenu une carrière de professeur de français au secondaire. Passionné de littérature en tous genres; de poésie, de slam, divers arts qu’il enseigne par le biais de nombreux ateliers dans des écoles de la Belle Province.

Singer-songwriter Benjamin Piette is now referred as Salmine in order to present ‘’En chair et en noces’’, his very first album with a pop and hip-hop flavor. Already well recognized by his audience for his dense and accomplished texts, this new project allows him to focus even more on writing while having the opportunity to explore a whole new form of musical expression. With the collaboration of DJ Horg and Frank Joly in production, the result is an assortment of tracks in the vein of the pop / rap of French mega-stars like Orelsan and Lomepal, while combining a poetry full of social messages that is more reminiscent of veteran Manu Militari’s efforts.

Active in the Quebec music scene for more than 10 years, Benjamin Piette continues constantly to explore new musical horizons. Curious and versatile, the singer-songwriter has become known particularly among the francophone folk-rock and punk scenes through various projects, especially Noé Talbot, Fortune Cookie Club, Col Rouge, Super Punk and Old School Politics.

In parallel to all these years spent on the roads during his many tours and trips between Quebec and Europe where he accumulated nearly 800 concerts under his belt, the artist has also maintained a career as a teacher French teacher in high school. Passionate about literature of all kinds; poetry, slam, various arts that he teaches through many workshops in schools of the Belle Province of Quebec.

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Pogo Car Crash Control Hell for breakfast france punk rock

Pogo Car Crash Control

POGO CAR CRASH CONTROL, c’est une grosse dose d’énergie brute gerbée sur un micro. Les 4 musiciens, originaires de Seine-et-Marne (FR) et âgés d’une vingtaine d’années, imposent des textes en français, acérés et sans concession, traitant de l’égoïsme et plus largement de tout ce qui nous dérange. L’énergie sur scène est elle aussi époustouflante, avec des riffs indomptables et des larsens sauvages fracassés en plein visage. Au bord de l’agonie à chaque fin de concert, « P3C » nous balance un rock garage enragé et convulsif dans la veine de Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Refused et Mudhoney.

POGO CAR CRASH CONTROL is a gigantic wave of brute energy spewed on a microphone. Hailing from Seine-et-Marne in France, the four musicians have the strong ambition to rise internationally while imposing abrasive and uncompromising French lyrics that speak about egocentrism and everything that can be bothering in our everyday lives. On stage, the band delivers storm bending performances filled with nasty guitar riffs and astonishing feedback. At the edge of agony at the end of each concert, ‘’P3C’’ is redefining garage rock and hardcore punk in the vein of Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, Refused and Mudhoney.

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L'Affaire Pélican Punk Rock Montreal Hell For Breakfast

L’Affaire Pélican

L’Affaire Pélican, c’est quatre gars de la Rive-Nord de Montréal qui ont décidé de se réunir pour jouer la musique qu’ils aiment écouter. Un punk rock rapide, parfois mélodique et qui respecte la Loi 101.

On se rend compte assez rapidement que tous ont grandi avec les Millencolin, Bigwig, Belvedere et compagnie des années 90, car c’est ce même genre d’énergie qui se dégage de leurs compositions. Sans être restés pris dans une époque, les influences, anciennes et actuelles, se mêlent pour donner une couleur propre à L’Affaire Pélican. Un premier EP « Le Moins Pire » en février 2017 et un vidéoclip pour la pièce «Sans Gloire» en avril de la même année ont été lancés.

Depuis, le groupe a fait le tour de plusieurs festivals (Beau’s Oktoberfest, Pouzza Fest, etc.) et se donne en spectacle chaque fois que le temps leur permet. Les ingrédients sont toujours les mêmes lors des shows: énergie, humour, plaisir et barbe.

L’Affaire Pélican, it’s four boys from the North Shore of Montreal who decided to get together to play the music they like to listen. A fast punk rock with some melody and all in French to accommodate the Law 101.
We can easily see that they grew up with Millencolin, Bigwig, Belvedere, etc, all from the 90’s. They use the same type of energy in their composition than them. Without getting stuck in a specific era, the band mixes old and recent influences and always put their personal touch. They released their first EP « Le Moins Pire » in February of 2017 and an official video for the song « Sans Gloire » in the same year.

Since then, the band has performed in a lot of different festivals (Beau’s Oktoberfest, Pouzza Fest, etc.) and have played shows whenever they’ve had the time to do it. They always have the same ingredients during events: energy, humor, fun and beard.

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Hate It Too Punk Rock - Québec - Hell For Breakfast

Hate It Too

Hate It Too est né en 2008, au bord du fleuve Saint-Laurent à Trois-Pistoles, Québec. Le groupe, qui n’était au départ qu’un hobby pour ces jeunes du secondaire, s’est avéré être un projet plus sérieux au début de 2010.
À l’été 2012, le groupe s’est installé à Québec et a enregistré sa première sortie: «It’s About Time», qui est sortie en novembre plus tard cette année-là. L’EP était composé des meilleurs morceaux du quatuor depuis sa création.
À l’aube de 2013, le groupe nouvellement emménagé à Québec a commencé à travailler sur son premier album complet. Il aura fallu près de deux ans – et un changement de bassiste – pour que le groupe commence à enregistrer son premier gros projet, Purple Mountains. Ce premier album est sorti le 18 août 2015.

Hate It Too a fait la promotion de l’album à travers la province et a commencé à travailler sur de nouvelles opportunités pour sa musique. Purple Mountains, ainsi que l’EP, ont vendu de nombreux exemplaires dans différents endroits en Europe, en Asie, en Amérique du Sud et bien sûr en Amérique du Nord. Les gars ont partagé la scène avec des artistes internationaux tels que Gob, Bigwig, Seaway, A Wilhelm Scream, Swingin’ Utters, Bigwig, Seaway, Pears, The Brains, Mute, Dance Laury Dance, Sandveiss, Cobra Skulls, et la liste continue. C’est en 2020 que la formation a décidé de joindre ses forces au label Montréalais Hell For Breakfast. Un nouvel album est sorti en mai 2020 et ce n’est que le début d’une grande aventure!
Hate It Too started out in 2008, by the banks of the St-Lawrence River in Trois-Pistoles, Québec. The band, which at first was only a hobby for a couple of high school kids, turned out to be a more serious project as 2010 began.

In the summer of 2012, the band moved to Quebec City and recorded their first release: “It’s About Time”, which came out in November later that year. The EP consisted of the quartet’s best tracks since its inception.

At the dawn of 2013, the Quebec City outfit started working on its first full length record. It took nearly two years – and a bass player change – for the band to start recording its first effort, Purple Mountains. The debut album came out on August 18th, 2015.

Hate It Too promoted the album across the province of Quebec and at the same time looked for future opportunities for their music. Purple Mountains, as well as the EP, has sold many copies in different places in Europe, Asia, South America and of course North America. They shared the stage with international acts such as Gob, Bigwig, Seaway, A Wilhelm Scream, Swingin’ Utters, Bigwig, Seaway, Pears, The Brains, Mute, Dance Laury Dance, Sandveiss, Cobra Skulls, and the list goes on. It’s in 2020 that the band decided to join the Montreal label Hell For Breakfast. Hate It Too dropped a new album in May 2020 and this is just the start of a great adventure!

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Fortune Cookie Club Montreal Punk rock hell for breakfast

Fortune Cookie Club

Fortune Cookie Club, c’est des tonnes de concerts, des tonnes de rencontres et une pléiade de chansons punk implacables. En 8 ans d’existence, le groupe a produit de façon indépendante 6 EPs, 1 compilation de morceaux inédits et deux albums, notamment L’histoire c’est maintenant qui a été en nomination aux GAMIQ en 2013 dans la catégorie « Album punk de l’année ». De plus, leur vidéoclip pour la chanson Religion Vs. Gin a trôné au sommet du Top 5 francophone de Musique Plus pendant onze semaines cette même année. Ils ont déjà plus de 300 concerts à leur actif, dont 4 tournées en Europe et au Québec avec plusieurs groupes renommés de la scène punk-rock comme Guerilla Poubelle, Antintellectual, johk, Maladroit, PL Mafia, Useless ID, etc. Mélodique et percutant, autant politique que poétique, militant, mais pas sectaire, le groupe québécois rassemble toutes les qualités d’un groupe punk moderne prônant l’éthique tant prisée du DIY. Après avoir travaillé avec une dizaine de labels et d’associations à travers les années, le groupe s’associe cette fois-ci avec la jeune étiquette Hell For Breakfast pour offrir une première galette en version vinyle! ‘Les chansons de la gloire’ rassemble les plus grands moments de la discographie du groupe jusqu’à présent et culmine avec la présence de Perdu dans les possibles, un single aussi inédit qu’inégalable!

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Semitonal Instrumental UK


Bass-driven, hypnotic, instrumental music with attitude.
Semitone changes hover above live grooves and glitches.
Massive Attack collides with Mogwai and Erik Satie.

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Storm of Crows Rock UK

Storm of Crows

Storm of Crows is a rock band based in Sheffield and Stockport, in the UK. Originally in various bands at the end of the 1990s, we reformed during Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 to record some of our old songs, and write a few new ones as well. We’re not the best band in the world, but we’re having a blast doing what what we’re doing, and we think that comes across in our music. We hope you like it too.

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Fred Skitty auteur compositrice interprete Francaise

Fred Skitty

Fred Skitty est une auteur/compositrice/interprète française.
À mi chemin entre la chanson pop et l’electronic dance music, c’est en tant que DJ qu’elle fait ses premières scènes. Très vite, à force de passer la musique des autres, il lui vient l’envie de faire la sienne. Séduite par la liberté de création qu’offre la musique électronique, elle commence à sortir ses premières maquettes en 2013.
En 2016, ses études l’amènent jusqu’à Londres. L’occasion pour elle de tester sa musique dans la capitale Britannique. La même année, elle finit sa licence et décide de se consacrer pleinement à son projet artistique. Après un premier single, Insane, sorti en 2017, elle nous présente son premier EP, Belonging To The Night, sorti le 10 Mai 2020.

Fred Skitty is a French singer, songwriter and producer. Halfway between pop and electronic music, she made her debut as a DJ. By dint of playing the others’ music, it came to her the desire to make her own. Seduced by the freedom of creation offered by electronic music, she began to release her first demos in 2013.
In 2016, her studies took her to London, which gave her the opportunity to test her music in the British capital city. She finished her degree the same year and decided to devote herself fully to her artistic project. She released her very first single, Insane, in 2017. Her debut EP Belonging To The Night, released on May 10th 2020, is available everywhere.

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Arfon 'Harry' Williams Songwriter UK

Arfon ‘Harry’ Williams

Songwriter from the Wirral UK. Founder Maconda Music UK. 2000

Maconda Music Uk – Duration19 yrs
Credits :
Song Synced to film ‘Happy Holidays’. James C Ferguson Film -Song ‘In This Town’ by Arfon Harry Williams.
Single Release ‘So In Love’ Erick Maconda (Deep House Label-Germany )

‘I Still Dream’ – – ACM Records New York
‘Time Should Wear a Hat’ -Maconda Music UK
‘Greater’ EP with Rock Band’ Mundijong’ – ACM Records
‘Solitude’ by Arfon Harry Williams – -Maconda Music UK
‘Maconda 4th’& Maconda 5th -Electroninc albums
‘LAF’ -EDM producer. ‘EP Release by LAF ‘ entitled Jelex’
Songs Available for film, TV and advertising. Many genres. Pop, Swing, Jazz and electronic music.
Albums released:
I Still Dream.-Harry Williams -2009 ACM Records New York. All song except Railroad Live written by Arfon Williams arranged by Dave Evans ‘Taffy Studios’
Time Should Wear a Hat -Maconda Music Uk .All songs by Arfon Williams arranged by Dave Evans ‘Taffy Studios’
How Many Times-.Arfon Williams 2012.
In This Town 2012-Arfon Williams
Greater EP- by Mundijong (Rock Band EP ) Acm Records
So In Love -single release www.soundofnow,de as artist ‘Erick Maconda’ writer lyrics Arfon Williams.Mixed by The futuristic Polar Bears.
Album ‘How Many Times’ digital distribution Zimbalam.
Credits on film ‘Happy Holiday’ by James C Ferguson USA .Song ‘In This Town’ synced to scene.
Solitude- Arfon Harry Williams released 2016 Tuncore (latest album)

Electronic Albums Maconda 4th & Maconda 5th. 2002
All above available on itunes and other digital distribution platforms.
Now interested in placing all works with Film ,Ads ,Television ,jingles ringtones or other artists.

‘LAF’ is the latest EMDM. (Electronic Melodic Dance Music) artist name.
Arfon Williams
Wirral UK.
900 Miles To Milano -(Swing /Jazz 1950’s Ratpack-Buble /Sinatra/Mack the knife ) Maconda Music UK


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Pepe and the Bandits

Pepe and the Bandits

Pepe is a singer/songwriter from the UK.

After helping a friend move he found a very beat up and old guitar in a skip with no strings on, he claimed this magical guitar, restored it, restrung it, got some lessons and the rest is history.

Pepe also plays Piano, he looked for many years in lots of different skips but to no avail, so he had to buy one.

Influenced by catchy songs that are easy on the ear, with good strong lyrics.

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House Of Seb french producer France

House Of Seb

House Of Seb is a French Producer located in South Of France, on the French Riviera. Originally born near Belgium where he was totally immerged earlier end of 80s with the House Music movement becoming live. He also took opportunities with a trip in Chicago to take advantage of the Famous Chicago House Music on which he took a lot of inspiration for his tracks. His Goal is to generate emotions and spread messages with new vibes, included into thematic tracks.

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Mad Wet Sea hard rock

Mad Wet Sea

We are the ancient Norse gods Aegir, Logi, and Kari, and we are bringing our Hard Rock to the masses through Mad Wet Sea.
We feel rock has become too polished, and are looking to place our own brand of licks in the fire to rock the masses.
Join us, and get rocked by the Sea!

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Decay Synthwave Darksynth French Artist - Artiste


Exploiting the unexplored side of the Synthwave and Darksynth genre, the french artist Decay translates his love for video games and his craziest sci-fi dreams with a rebellious and unique musical approach. Consider his music as the story of a hero against the world, eliminating his antagonists one by one. Wild and uncontrollable.
His forward-thinking of the ‘80s synth music will take you to his bold compositions, with energizing beats combined with electric synths and solos that will make your head spin. With his overflowing creativity, his music will carry you with his compelling retro-futurist vision.

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JP Mortier Folk Rock Montreal

JP Mortier

JP Mortier is a Montreal artist. His style is a combo of Bowie, Cohen, Pink Floyd and Radiohead. He’s released 6 albums including the double album « Nation of Iron » out in 2019.
JP Mortier est un artiste de Montréal. Son style est un combo de Bowie et Cohen, Pink Floyd et Radiohead. Il a sorti 6 albums dont l’album double « Nation of Iron » sorti en 2019.

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Fanco Maschi Deep House Producer

Fanco Maschi

Young and upcoming
Deep House Producer.
Electronic Dance Music
Representing AOD
Agents Of Deep
Xtraordinary Beyond Limits

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Philip Stevenson


Philip STEVENSON is an Award-winning Songwriter, Music Producer, Musician. After being a classical musician (piano and music theory), he quickly moved to the compositions of pop music and Jazz Rock Music. At the age of 17, he was already employed as a keyboardist for Studio Recording Sessions. Having played with many Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz Rock, Jazz Fusion musicians in different musical groups, he has a great experience of live music, improvisation and composition. Philip STEVENSON has a catalogue of songs and aims to work with Major Record Companies, Publishing Companies and high-level Artists. His main skills are: creativity, versatility, great communication, speed of performance, singer. In November 2019, Philip STEVENSON launched the Ananke Records label.

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Cuddle riot Chicago Alt. Rock

Cuddle Riot

We’re a Chicago based band with early sounds of 90’s grunge, alternative-rock, a little indie flair and a punk-rock punch. Straight outta the garage!

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Нейробластома Belarus Independent Dark Music


«Нейробластома» is a music project created in October 2012.
Current members: Roman «NB» Nesterovich – all the instruments, vocals, the author of music and lyrics.
The project was launched on the 8th of October 2012, on the day when its first composition «Огненные мечты» was recorded.
The style of music of «Нейробластома» is independent «dark» music art combining elements of metal, industrial music and classical crossover.

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Vagenburg Of Arteries

Vagenburg Of Arteries

A duo founded by two musicians, Artemidius (Nord Vulpes) and Heinrich Vigge (Gråte AV Mørket).
From history and folklore, to mythology and Pan-Slavism.
Location – Murmansk / Rovenki.

Artemidium (Nord Vulpes)
Heinrich Wigge (Gråte AV Mørket)


Сreative association Black Forest Zone

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U-Sayn multi talented musician switzerland swiss suisse


U-Sayn is a multi talented musician who is currently based in Switzerland.
Winners of Clouzine « INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC MusicAwards 2020 »
As a producer, songwriter, and composer, he creates an extremely unique sound, with wide ranging influences including R&B, soul, pop, jazz, and funk. Taking his favorite elements of each genre, he synthesizes them all into a sound that only he can make.
As a young student, U-Sayn’s first instrument was the piano. He immediately fell in love with the instrument, and dedicated himself to mastering it. Jazz was his specialty. The passion, expression, and freedom of the genre became a part of his musical DNA. Consumed by creativity, he then turned his attention towards songwriting. Branching out into every different style of pop music, he let all his new influences flow into into an exciting and unique new sound.
Now as his professional career begins to blossom, U-Sayn is committed to creating music that feels true to himself, and can also connect with a wide audience. With his inspirational abilities, he is poised to reach listeners all around the world.

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Paolo Virdis Electro Italy

Paolo Virdis

Great music can transport us, it can surround us and take us on a journey. Paolo Virdis makes music that takes you somewhere else completely. Are you ready to be whisked away?

Based in Turin, Italy, Paolo Virdis is an artist and producer with the power to teleport the listener in to strange, often dystopian lands, swimming in dark atmospheres and brooding intent. Inspired by the work on artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Drexciya and Kraftwerk, amongst others, there are echoes of Detroit Techno and even post/punk and new wave.

Single, ‘Rimango Qui’ (I Stay Here) is a slice of thumping techno, swirling with darkness, pulsing synth bass and a haunting vocal. It is pure atmosphere, like pacing the corridors of a club at 3am. ‘Abisso’ (Abyss) does exactly what it says on the tin, transporting listers to an intense abyss full of synth driven attitude and mystery. ‘Survive’ is pure suspense – synths loops march toward ghostly vocals, a heart-racing tempo drawing the listener deep inside the song. Paolo Virdis creates worlds for you to inhabit as you listen. These worlds are supplemented by a strong visual aesthetic; Virdis produces imagery that perfectly visualises the dark worlds he creates through his music. Videos, photographs and digital collages give the listener yet more to delve in to, to get lost inside. With new single ‘Electro Butterfly’ due to drop in November, Paolo Virdis is a producer on a steep upward trajectory. Take a journey into brooding soundscapes and thumping synths; listen to Paolo Virdis, today

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The Incurables Westland Michigan Rock Garage

The Incurables

The Incurables are a four-piece harmonic, upbeat, guitar driven garage rock band widely known for
their high energy live performances and audience participation. It doesn’t matter if it’s in front of a
concert crowd or an intimate club setting the band performs with the same intensity and passion
fueled by their love of music.

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YAMM Twenty One france electro multigenre

YAMM Twenty One

Compositeur Français de musique Électro multi styles, Chill, ÉlectroRock, Trance, Cyberpunk, Expérimental …
La musique pour le plaisir avant tout !

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Dreynara Pop Pianist Singer Songwriter


Hi there,
I’m an emerging pop artist, classically trained pianist, singer and songwriter.
I released a first ep and 3 singles last year, and i just released 5 singles and a second EP this year. I produce, write and compose all my songs by myself, and i also do my own mixing and mastering.
My latest EP is inspired by the 80’s sound and is about love and ambition.

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Tekno Junk Techno Belgium


Belgium-based producing duo Tom and Lajos, who already proved themselves with the success of Da Bug’s « Mad World », The Monitini Experience’s « My House Is Your House », Viper’s « Titty Twister » and Accelerator’s « On/Off » to name a few, are on a quest for the most exclusive and unique « Tech » sound. This may go from raw acid techno to the most dreamy minimal techno. Come join us on this wild trip.

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Omegagon Electro Synthwave cyberpunk darkelectro


Omegagon grew up around playing shows around Norwich and London in the United Kingdom. Omegagon loves to combine vintage synthesizers and modern sounds to create powerful new musical experiences that often straddle the knife edge between optimistic and melancholy. Omegagon delves into the synthwave | cyberpunk | EBM and 80’s style Vangelis/Bladerunner|John Carpenter/Halloween style soundscapes.

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Hell's Oasis Prog. Rock

Hell’s Oasis

Alexis and Ginger began making music together in the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, Texas. Their projects fuse progressive rock with funk, trip-hop, singer-songwriter, and folk styles.

Alexis, born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, grew up playing cello and piano. As a teen, he switched to the more portable guitar and jammed with several bands in New York City, then Austin, Texas.

Ginger began singing in church in a small Texas town at 7 years old. She studied voice in England, Dallas, and with the famed Marcy Lynne in Austin.

John originally hails from Haverhill, Massachusetts, but studied at the internationally acclaimed University of North Texas College of Music, earning a Bachelor of Music in 2004. More recently in 2017, John earned a master’s degree in music education from the University of West Georgia. He has experience with a wide variety of disciplines, including jazz, rock, pop, and classical. John has performed with numerous ensembles throughout the Boston area, including Uptown Celebration, S.O.S. Big Band, Michael Gruen Quartet, Paul Combs Pocket Big Band, The New Lows, The Jumblies, and the Nashua Symphony.

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Bedrokk and Friends Rock Ontario

Bedrokk and Friends

Formed in Toronto,Ontario Canada in the summer of 1992, Bedrokk began as a instrumental-rock outfit featuring members of numerous musicians in and around Toronto.
Prompting a change of direction signaled by the introduction of vocalist Robbie Brennan. Who as of recent has been replaced by guest singers from around the globe.
In 1995, the new-look Bedrokk debuted their first CD entitled “EVOLUTION” which led to BEDROKK
as a HOT PICK with Canada’s two top radio stations, Toronto’s Q107 and Calgary’s CJAY FM.

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Alpha Boötis Prog. Rock Metal

Alpha Boötis

Alpha Boötis is a Space Disco Synth Metal band from Montréal, Canada, formed in 2017. Since then, they have independently released an EP, Episode I, and a full-length album, Space Viking & Other Stories in 2019. Fusing the bombast and intricate storytelling of old prog rock, the grooves of 80’s dance music and the drive and intensity of heavy metal with a solid dose of lush synths, Alpha Boötis takes you on a journey with each song, travelling across a fictional cosmos filled with wonder and adventure.

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2p Soldiers

2p Soldiers

2p Soldiers is composer/producer David Paul Phillips. Inspired by Francis Lai, Air, & Erik Satie. New album A White Painted Piano with tracks Reason & Sugar, aired in the UK, France and the USA already. Nostalgia just picked up by some podcasters, which is exciting. Any support appreciated.

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truekolors edm electro house


Hi KRAC! Jean helped me with featuring one of my remixes on your station, and now I have an official release on Spotify, so I wanted to see if my song could be featured again! Wax Motif complimented the song by saying the melody resonates with him, and Justin Bates (Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Lil Jon, Nervo) mixed and master the song so I’m confident with the quality.

From Manhattan to Seoul and now based in LA, truekolors blends House and EDM into his own personal concoction. Much like his upbringing, it’s quite a fusion: a delicate blend of groove and melody, with a strong focus on bassweight and melancholic vibes. His debut single, ‘Love Me Better’ is just that.

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El Chiko Riko independent artist producer Florida EDM

El Chiko Riko

Riko is an independent artist and producer from Florida, USA. His past in classical music influences his pop-rap and EDM style displayed in his debut EP, “The Storm”.

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Dj Bidmor France dj producteur Electro Techno

DJ Bidmor

Musicien, DJ, producteur et créateur de musique électro et plus particulièrement, de musique Techno! Atypique, unique et éclectique ! Amoureux des sons et de tous les styles de musique ! Tant que les sons me plaisent, j’écoute et je n’ai pas limite en création musicale !

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Steve Deeley Singer Songwriter Producer UK Syntpop EDM

Steve Deeley

I’m a singer, songwriter and music producer from the West Midlands, UK, who loves all music and is heavily influenced by Synth Pop & EDM! Producer influences include Nile Rogers, Trevor Horn and Mike Stock. Band influences include The Human League, Soft Cell, New Order and The Beloved. I am also a fitness fanatic and love playing and watching sport.

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Les Mauvaises Tetes Rock Francophone

Les Mauvaises Têtes

En 2016, le groupe se forme autour de Renaud Rouverand (auteur, compositeur, interprète) ; chant, guitare, harmonica ; les chansons sont toutes des créations originales de rock francophone.

Les répétitions s’enchainent et un premier album intitulé « Ton monde » voit le jour en 2018. Le premier single « Qu’est-ce que ça fait? » devient le premier extrait à passer en radio, il sera complété par un clip vidéo. Un deuxième clip vidéo sortira pour un second titre « Quelques futurs ».

Une tournée de 17 concerts suit la sortie de ce premier album.

Les Mauvaises Têtes rentrent en studio en février 2019 pour enregistrer leur second album et le 3 mai 2020 marque la sortie du premier extrait de l’album « Ici, Ailleurs, Nulle Part » avec la chanson « La brise » qui rencontre un franc succès.

Le second album « Ici, Ailleurs, Nulle Part » sort officiellement le 7 juin 2020 et les diffusions en radios et sur les plateformes prennent une ampleur rarement vue pour un groupe émergeant de rock francophone : 5 titres et 3 vidéos sont diffusés au Québec, au Canada, en France, en Belgique, au Vietnam, en Argentine et au Brésil !!

Les Mauvaises Têtes sont :

Renaud Rouverand (voix, guitare, harmonica),
Étienne Glazer (guitare, piano, choeurs),
Patrick Villeneuve (basse, choeurs),
Antoine Peze (batterie, percussions, choeurs).

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infraDEAD Synth retro wave new jersey


My brother and I have been metal-heads since we were teens, but in recent years we fell in love with the synthwave community and culture. We wanted to start creating music that bridged the two genera’s together, but also incorporated a plethora of influences from goth rock, psychedelic music, and more. We plan on releasing more singles this year and complete our first LP in 2021.

Sacred Tongue is our first fully released single. We are trying to build a futuristic (yet retro) atmosphere to our mix, while also incorporating many elements from other genera’s to the synthetic heart of our song. We hope to bring a refreshing new (yet nostalgic) soundscape to our listeners. The song itself is about many things, but we would rather keep the verbiage and lyrical context to ourselves so that the song can be open to the listeners interpretations.  

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i Am The Eye electro producer france

I Am The EYe

I Am The Eye est un musicien et producteur français de musique électronique.

 » La musique c’est comme le vin, on pourrait en parler pendant des heures, tenter d’énumérer tous les éléments qui le constituent, mais rien ne remplacera jamais le fait d’y goûter, c’est pareil avec la musique. »

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Say Yes, Do Nothing

Say Yes, Do Nothing ( are a north London band whose gritty and poetic street reports on homelessness, abortion, abuse and alcoholism are a raw mix of the blues, alt/country and Americana.
“Best band name, ever” – New Music Saturday
Raw and tight, SYDN’s songtelling storywriting has an infectious character that howls, shakes, rattles and rolls, just as if Leonard Cohen was writing for the Yardbirds with a lairy Jimmy Page in tow.
“Timeless and aggressively up-to-date London grit with Nashville dirt underpinned by deeply rooted Americana song craft” – Rock Box
Winners of the 2108 Future Music Showcase Award, American singer songwriter David Eastman (vocals/guitar) formed SYDN in Kentish Town, London, where he found Simon (bass/vocals), Michael (drums) and Dan (lead guitar/vocals) hiding in a dark rehearsal space, ready to do justice to his songs of love gone awry and families gone rogue. When not writing, Dave spends his time managing medical relief in the world’s worst war zones.
“SYDN take a real-life situation and have the intestinal fortitude to put it into lyrics and into a song, and it’s going to reach a lot of people” – The Mind of Little Rage
“When the band begins to play there is an engulfing wave of nostalgia, coupled with an inescapable feeling that nostalgia is what caused this mess in the first place” – By The Freaks
For fans of:
The Band, Skinny Lister, Sister Rosetta Tharp, Fontaines DC, Courtney Barnett, The Gaslight Anthem, Merle Haggard, Wilco, Daniel Romano, Drive By Truckers, Stooges
Social media links:
• Website:·
• Youtube:
• Spotify:
• Twitter:
• Facebook:·
• Instagram:·
• Bandcamp:

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Lisa Beth

I’ve just recently started making music, although I’ve been singing since I could talk. Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve begun using BandLab to collaborate with musicians from all over the world.

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prince amine

Prince Amine

Prince Amine is a hip hop artist from Montreal with a sound as unique and diverse as his multicultural background. He was born in Morocco, but grew up in Spain with his African American father before moving to Canada. His album Doubted Child is a mix of old school vibes with a modern twist.

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United Duality

Ortwin Wendt is the driving force behind the passionate, fun, and genre-free project United Duality. Based in Celle, Germany, he leads with skilful guitar work and strength of songwriting. Often through collaborations with other vocalists, it leads to beautifully engaging and uplifting results.

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An electronic music project from Russia, started in May of 2019, after changing a previous artist name NoHealer to Alvonmars. The main style is determined by a mixture of old school electro music with future tendencies in trance, down-tempo and techno-house music.

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Velocity Clock

VelocityClock; Dublin’s newest rock band. Velocity Clock was born in Lockdown, in an underground secret Rock lair on the outskirts of Dublin City. From the moment of conception there were tasty riffs, detailed arpeggios and soaring vocals and a funky beat! Until we can meet you face to face, we want to rock you online! With influences from classic rock, heavy metal and blues. We invite you to sit back, rock out and get transported to another world, where time moves a little slower. Currently VelocityClock are in the studio recording our debut commercial releases (expected early 2021) but we want to give you a few sneaky peeks, for now you can find our pre-release demos on We want your feedback and we want to get to know you. Email us on; find us on

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No Serial Killer

Bio:   ‘No Serial Killer’ is the brainchild of Mr. A.K.M. from Nottingham, England. He plays piano like a bass guitar, hence the term ‘bass piano.’ There is no bass guitar on the album. We cannot think of any artist who uses the piano as a bass guitar. All 33 songs were written by A.K.M. and all singers are North American. The entire album was done online i.e. not in person.   Influences include: Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Rock and Roll of all eras and any music which creates an atmosphere. ‘No Serial Killer’ is also influenced by movies, TV, video games and life in general.   What’s special about this triple-album? There are 33 songs and there are no filler tracks. Every single song is above-average.   Every track on our Bandcamp page lists the people involved in the song.   The entire album can be heard in full here:   Why the name No Serial Killer? Is life getting you down? Are you struggling to appear normal when in public? Are you sick of pretending to be well-adjusted at all times? Well, take heed. All of these frustrations may some day cause you to flip. Think for a minute – when people start to kill, does this happen overnight? Or does the harsh reality of life cause a person to slowly fall apart? A.K.M.’s ‘No Serial Killer’ is a music concept designed to eliminate murder in society. If a person feels they’re going crazy, before they reach ‘the breaking point’ they must recognize that to kill others is evil, nasty and to put it mildly, highly inconsiderate. It’s not a crime to be insane, so embrace the insanity before it consumes you. We need to establish a world where no killing takes place, especially ‘no serial killing’. Think of how many lives we can save. So ask yourself, are you with us? The choice is yours.   No Serial Killer.

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Clint Slate

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist. 2 LPs available, the 3rd one soon. Attracted to creation, ideas and concepts as well as rock, pop and music and general. Labels and genres are obsolete. Let’s have fun!

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JUAN NW is a Music Composer/Producer based in Belgium. His favotite styles are House Music, Deep House and Electro House. He starts this project in 2015 after performing as Guitar player in many different kind of bands. JUAN NW est un Musicien Compositeur/Producteur établit en Belgique.Ses styles favoris sont la House Music, la Deep House et l’Electro House. Il a démarré ce projet en 2015, après de nombreuses années passées comme Guitariste dans de nombreux groupes.

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Pulse Park

On compare Pulse Park à Radiohead, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Built to Spill et Joy Division. Dans la rythmique percussive de leur guitare, on reconnaît une influence de Wire et, récemment, de The Cure pour ne nommer que ceux-ci. Pulse Park have been compared to Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Built to Spill, Joy Division… regarding the percussive rhythm guitar there is an influence by Wire and early The Cure… but that´s just one part.

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Steve Aliment

Steve Aliment, ex Yanks, is a singer and songwriter living in Seattle, WA USA. Steve has long been a mainstay of the West Coast scene. His songs are guitar oriented rock and soul influenced with vocal harmony drawn from The Everly Brothers, The Beatles, Three Dog Night and The Temptations. Steve is writing, recording, and releasing new songs on a regular basis. The new album, 150 Tears, was released September 7, 2020. His band includes Bart Hyde and Duffy Delgado on guitars, and Perry Morgan on drums. Steve plays bass and sings. New single, « We Can Hold Out » drops October 4th featuring Kim Virant singing a duet with Steve.

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Sonia Linares Berroy Indie Folk Spain

Sonia Linares

Sensitive lyrics in a turn of Indie Folk, submerging listeners into worlds of emotion and reflective wonder. Written in a rich, poetic …

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Phil Mellen BlackSheepLad UK


Phil Mellen is BlackSheepLad In his teens, twenties and thirties Phil played and sang in various bands (Rainmaker, Serious Hat Band…

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Hi guys, I’m a guitarist, composer, singer, producer. My idea of music is oriented to the future, no cover band, no tribute band and things like that…who care? I starded to play guitar many years ago, listening great musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Pat Metheny, John Scoffield, Vernon Reid….and people like that. People say that my guitar style is impetuous and eclectic too, but I just don’t know, ah ah!! I’m always searching new sounds, new vibes, new languages. I dislike codifications and paradigms, and people with that mentality (musically and not). I’m never satisfied. To me music is like the life: unpredictable. I began my musical career in Bari between bands, concerts, festivals and record productions in the early 90’s. Over the years I have played in prestigious Italian festivals such as Time Zones, Taranta Power, Bari Jazz Festival, Summer Festivals, etc … in artistic programs that included artists such as Lou Reed, John Cale, Popol Whu, Uri Caine, Vernon Reid, Eugenio Bennato, Antonella Ruggiero, etc. (I can’t remember them all). Just as there were numerous radio passages on local and national FM radios (Radio Rai) and web radios, reviews in local and national newspapers and magazines (Musica di Repubblica, for example), and also on TV. My discography is quite varied in terms of styles and « genres » of music faced over the years, from English / Italian pop / rock, funk episodes, electronic / house sounds, instrumental rock, etc. .always looking for a musical language that could somehow unify everything I listened to, played, appreciated and what excited me. If I had to define my musical genre I keep saying that it is a « crossover », or contamination, a fusion between apparently distant cultures but that if they come together they can give life to something « new » (basically all life is research).

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Producer/singer/songwriter Matell scored his first Top Ten with his single « Tell Me » on the Most Popular DJ Sales charts on Matell had another Top Ten in less than seven months with hit single ‘How I’m Missing You,’ this infectious track became his second consecutive No. 1 on JunoDownload’s charts in 2020. « Tell Me » is still on the heels of the band The Pet Shop Boys who just released their Top Ten UK album Hotspot. (PROMO CODE: HAPPY20) for discount « Tell Me » – Download…/matell-tell-me/4365756-02/ Also, best known for his work featured in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE: See What Radio is Saying about « I Apologize 2U & U2, » Matell earned a Top100 with his song entitled ‘I Said I’m Gonna Go, Oops, Oops Upside Your Head, » on the Reggae / Dancehall / Dub Beatport charts in 2017. In 2018 Matell earned two Top 20 on Amazon’s Best Seller’s chart with his Barry White inspired « Quickly (Melt-Down) » and « Low Expectations. » His single « My Conversations With God, » was licensed to several advertisers. This is just one of many more licensing to be announced later this year. New York, NY (Top40 Charts/Internet Radio) – More recently, Matell’s single « I Apologize 2U & U2, » charted into the Top100 USA Airplay charts at #62. Matell’s single also charted on two other national airplay charts respectfully at #29 and #32 on the Top40 National Airplay and Top50 National Airplay charts. Beyond The Mix Record just signed Matell to its label

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Oriental soulful pop rock band formed in Oct. 2019. The band consists of lead vocalist Akimi, bassist Tetsuya Kirihata (a.k.a.Tony Dufficy) and drummer Takeshi Nakata. We’ve kept standing on the line of Pop and Rock, influenced by Funk, Jazz, Latin, Hip-hop or Japanese popular songs.

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