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luisetoza composer guitarist luthier venezuela indie rock folk

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LuisetozA is a band led by a musician / composer / guitarist / luthier from Venezuela, one day they had no name for the band and their names and surnames were combined, “LUIS Eduardo TOrres ZAmora”, this musician always says that it is a band because not He feels that he is a soloist, this band is made up of musicians who are friends of this guitarist, he has had musical and song collaborations with Paola Pavan (Anima Música) from Argentina, Eduardo Padrino from Venezuela, Fania Cruz from Venezuela, Luifer from Venezuela, Rose Alaimo from USA, in short, each musician leaves something in each musical note that is played in each song, whether in a live performance or recorded in the music studio.

When he is not making or playing music, he is reading books from many literatures, participating in presentations and conferences, abandoned to God, walking, or working as a statistician.

Listen to their music, enjoy it and share it, please! God always bless you, thank you.

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