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I am an old musician. I am French. I started music when I was 15. I played in professional groups in local parties, nightclubs, festivals … Today I compose modestly in the spirit of known groups that I loved at the time, Genesis, Yes, Uriah Heep, Pink Floyd … My inspiration is built on subjects which are those of our society, those which shock me, make me angry.
I consider that I practice a domestic art, everyday like an amateur painter. I just want to show, especially to younger people, that music is the passion of a lifetime. And that this passion, even free, brings to life.

In addition, I am involved in social actions for the most fragile among us. The association of which I am president employs 1,200 people who have almost nothing to live on every year.

I wrote this text to describe m’y songs.

A wordless music.
Too many words
To try to predict
To relieve our wounds, our pains
To say nothing
Too many speeches
To forget the delicate balance
Reason, fear steals you
Stay silent
The shadow lurking around
Still stay silent
Watching the cat
Stretching its body
Wanting to marry the whole world
Saying it with a single look
No, not a prayer
Blue embrace with music
It’s a Revival in A minor.

Best Regards,