Funhouse Mirrors

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funhouse mirrors Prog. Rock - New Jersey

Imagine a band that explores new territories and embraces risks, such as a progressive rock band. Now imagine it having members between the ages of seventeen to nineteen who give the music a fresh youthful excitement. Funhouse Mirrors is that four- piece teen band, hailing from Northern New Jersey. Their love of progressive rock naturally complements their heavy, indie influences.
Founded in early 2019 by guitarist/vocalist Johnny Weiner and drummer/vocalist Evan Sheppard, and joined shortly after by keyboardist/vocalist Dan Centeno and bassist Chris Ochoa, they have played numerous shows at venues Debonair Music Hall and Dingbatz ever since. Their debut album, Coloring Book produced by their guitarist, just dropped in September, 2020. The music video for their first single, “(Another Day in) Ancap Paradise,” gained over 1000 views on YouTube during the first few weeks after its release.
Although the pandemic has put a hold on live shows, it has not halted Funhouse Mirrors’ progress with writing new material and recording. The band anticipates new releases and performing on live streams in the near future.