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Un nouvel EP 4 titres (deux titres en français, deux titres en anglais), 3Sand1D, va sortir d’ici un mois en CD et vinyle. Un premier titre peut dĂ©jĂ  ĂŞtre Ă©coutĂ©, DĂ©sormais : https://open.spotify.com/album/1vk1jIYG2w7oNLxGhwbH7y?si=a71CVwfhRNmqtkF6e6QTYQ&dl_branch=1 – https://soundcloud.com/dominique-nuydt-149141440/03-desormais

FACTHEORY is a band from the Brussels scene whose style is firmly in the post-punk movement, with a poetic side that stands out. FACTHEORY are referring to the legendary FACTORY label that saw the birth of Joy Division, a major influence for all members of the band, even though the musical style evolved into an almost romantic melodic postpunk with influences as diverse as Sophia or Noir DĂ©sir.

Bruno on vocals and guitar, Steed guitar and backing vocals, Bertrand on drums and Dominique on bass. The band started back in September 2016 with most members having played in alternative rock bands with 1980s underground music roots. Bands such as Petit Futur, Conspiracy, Dirty Time, Genetix, Amazing Games, Artefact, Unsaid Members played just to mention.

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