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Zodiac Signs

A follow-up song — Inspired by Astrology — I didn’t deter from my use of word-play. In this song, my inner-child comes out and is making friends, because the kid in you never dies. I lead with playfulness & spark a quirky conversation that was framed to everyone’s favourite topic: Self. While there are people who do and do not believe in astrology, I created a sense of belongingness in this song for everyone to be happy and feel good about themselves. A sense of confidence and curiosity is what connects the dots. Fun is in the detailed frequency of my questions & queries. I love learning new things and meeting new people, and I continue to do so. My listeners (Wise Eyes) resonate with the same zest of personality, positivity, and added compliments that link ‘Zodiac Signs” together that I’ve shared. We celebrate the best love, cosmic love & stay connected

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