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The Eye (Annual Visitation)

When I saw this artwork by Ariel Quahe on her website I was immediately taken into it an felt a story appearing in my head!
Here’s the link: owlwithapaintbrush.tumblr.com/image/184151970061

That story needed some epic cinematic music, so I decided to compose some :-) Ariel graciously agreed to let me use the artwork as the album cover and the rest, they say… is history!

Here’s the story from my head:
Rayah was unsure as they headed up the mountains towards their pilgrimage. This was her first time. She’s only heard of the Eye. She’d never seen it before for herself. Her father nudged her. “Come on,” he said, “We’re almost there.” Rayah urged her aching legs to keep walking… And then she saw it. A floating mass of rock in the sky. A gargantuan glowing orb. The power radiating from it. As they descended into the vale and started up the narrow pathway toward the Eye, Rayah couldn’t keep her sights off of it. It was so… enigmatic. It defied everything natural she had ever seen. As they approached it she could hear it’s power humming, thrumming– beating. “Go, pay your respects.” her father said as he gently pushed her forwards.

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