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No One Around

In this historic moment in which the human race seems to have lost any sense of certainty and everything seems to have broken down, in which time seems to stand still and everything you believed to be ‘life’ has crumbled with a breath, revealing an emptiness, comes the need to reinvent ourselves, to finally meet the deeper side of ourselves: our true inner self! The solitude, uncertainty, instability and fear comes hand in hand with this understanding which we have probably never been as close to before, that we are all so very much connected. We are all identical and united in our fragility and smallness, facing something which is still so little understood and which is so much bigger than we are. We find ourselves reflecting on our human condition, inhabitants of this Earth, with no distance, territory or borders, connected by one unique truth: to EXIST; totally guilty and unaware of having lost the pure essence of being a human being.
mLau is a musical journey by Massimo Marraccini and Maria Laura Ronzoni, long time friends who although living is different cities felt the need to compose an album together while at a distance. Digging deep into their emotions in the hope of facing the urgent need to compose which seemed to help them to bring back to life that which had seemed so obscured, ignored and forgotten, and in doing so, rediscovering their unique selves. With no creative limits, and without trying to please the commercial market, instead focusing on pure artistic expression without filters, rules or confines the song ‘No One Around’ inspired by the present times, is a preview of the project prior to the release of their debut album.
In order to put together the video for ‘No One Around’ we included the students of the Castel Sant’Elia school from the comprehensive Institute ‘A.Stradella’ from Nepi (VT). More than 60 children who having listened to the song, interpreted the lyrics, and many other activities connected to this distance learning project, were invited by their teachers to translate their most intimate emotions into a drawing.
Their drawings were collected and added into the video.

This project, through all its phases, allowed a deep reflection on how precious the gifts of our rights are, which our civilization worked so hard to achieve throughout history, on the danger of losing these rights and on the necessity of regaining those rights and our values, on how fragile the human race really is, which in itself is a value, on the strength of communication that a message can spread in the world through art and social media, on the possibility of creating a genuine individual and collective transformation and the opportunity of growth which this crisis is offering to us all.
Maybe the only, true and possible revolution!
The ARTIST point of view
I liked the idea of sharing this work with my pupils, giving them the possibility to contribute artistically and to experiment the very essence of our school community in this peculiar historical moment.
At the same time, we have opted to use all the tools and methodologies for online learning, together with the teachers of language and art. Surprisingly, the outcome has been more interesting than expected both for the final result, the competences triggered and the achievements. We are proud of the final result thanks to the fact that the student’s contribution made it something special.
However, even more important has been the constant collaboration in the elaboration and development of the activity. Each phase of this project has triggered a deep inner reflection on the true values of our lives and society, on the rights that our civilization has achieved, on the possibilities of expression and on cultural awareness. It made us reflect on the threat of loosing these things and on the necessity to regain them. Even more so, on the human fragility seen as a value, on the strength of communication through online media, on the possibility of a real individual and collective change and on the opportunity of growth that this crisis is offering. Perhaps the only true possible revolution.

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