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I Feel so String

Accurate Void

We are Accurate Void, a new band from the Algarve – Portugal composed by musicians with decades of musical experience integrating various projects in their path.
We got together in 2020 to create this project and edited our first album, “Xarap” that we are very proud of.
This project has the distinctive characteristic of its sound and style, underlined by an unparalleled and different voice and by original guitar lines with a unique sound within the rock.
For these reasons, we think it can be an asset for your radio to make the project known to your public and in this way surprise them in some way with a different sound made in our country.
What do you think ? Let us know.
If this project does not fit into any of your programs, we are still grateful for your time and your opinion, and if you feel you want to share it with your partners, we will be grateful.

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