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Alya (Five of Cups) DISAPPOINTMENT

Music for the Tarot
1 song for each cards
(Electro-clean Guitar- Rock)

5 of Cups: DISAPPOINTMENT (October 23 to November 1)
Astrology Sign: SCORPIO (1rst Decan) Degree 0 – 9
Ruler of Card: MARS
Constellation SERPENS CAUDA (Snakes Tale) SERPENS CAPUT (Snakes Head)
SERP (To Crawl) PEN (Feather) (And the Serpent became the Eagle…)
Chosen Star: Alya (Means: SNAKE)
Anatomy: SCORPIO rules the REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM GEN-ITALS (Genesis Vitals)
SCORPIO / S (Serpent) CORP (Body) PIO (Devout)

Positive Attributes: acceptance, moving on, finding peace, contentment, seeing positives.

Negative Attributes: loss, grief, disappointment, sadness, mourning, discontent, feeling let down.

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