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Tseen Kee (Prince of Wands) Air of Fire

Music for the Tarot.
One song for each card.

This video/Song will explain and syncretize the energies of the Tarot Card Prince of Wand (Prince is AIR and Wands is FIRE. He is the Prince of FIRE: All my fire songs are Electro Rock (Instrumental)

12. Tseen Kee (Prince of Wands) Air of Fire
(July 12 to August 11)
Aries (3rd Decan) to Taurus (2nd Decan)

4-Luxury “Moon” – Argo Vela (The Ship / The Boat and the Arc) – Cups (Cancer)
5-Strife “Saturn” – Hydra (The Sea-See Serpent / Polyp) – Wands (Leo)
6-Victory “Jupiter” – Crater (The Chalice / The Cup) – Wands (Leo)

Positive Attributes: courageous, energetic, charming, hero, rebellious, hot tempered, free spirit.

Negative Attributes: arrogant, reckless, impatient, lack of self control, passive, volatile, domineering.

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