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New Album Long Division

Doc Rhombus is an independent solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who makes music in Minneapolis. Blending the haziness of “lo-fi” production, expansive sonic landscapes of experimental pop and rock, and the visceral grooves of trip-hop, Doc Rhombus has been writing, recording, and producing music since 2018. Before moving to Minneapolis in 2020, Doc Rhombus was a songwriter and guitarist living on Chicago’s near west side and, before that, the Rogers Park neighborhood.

Doc Rhombus’ debut project, The Condition, was released in 2019 and is available via CD and on Bandcamp. A remastered version will be available on all platforms in 2021.

Several singles on The Condition received airplay on radio stations in the U.S. and South Africa. In fall 2019, NPR station WNIJ in Illinois featured The Condition on its independent music program, and in early 2020, RMR radio in South Africa, the country’s first independent student-run radio station, featured Doc Rhombus on its indie music showcase.

Doc Rhombus is currently collaborating with television producers in Honduras to create a soundtrack for a TV thriller drama series, “Enigmas.” Doc Rhombus hopes to play live shows in the Minneapolis area in 2021 and is planning several virtual shows to promote Long Division.

Doc Rhombus is influenced by Beck, Air, Kendrick Lamar, Wilco, Clairo, Massive Attack, Danger Mouse, MorMor, Helado Negro, Damon Albarn, Amen Dunes, The National, and Anderson .Paak, among others. Doc Rhombus’ goal is to make music with his idols.

Doc Rhombus new album release long division
Nom de l'Artiste / Artist Name

Doc Rhombus

Quand / When

January 21, 2021 6:00 pm

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