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Sébastien Ross

Sébastien Ross

Propriétaire de KracRadio et projets de musique maloware.com Owner of KracRadio and music project maloware.com
nonesky interview norway


 DJ and EDM Producer from Trondheim, Norway

Interview with Nonesky

Who was your musical influence in your youth?

When I was five years old, I listened to my dad’s music which was heavy rock and metal, especially 80’s rock like Def Leopard, Poision and also Ozzy, Led Zeppelin and The Who, especially I remember Ugly Kid Joe and The Offspring. I also listened to a lot of 90’s music like E type, Aqua, Vengaboys and all the pop of the time. Later, when I was 10, I really liked Scooter. Then as a teenager I got into metal, especially power metal and death metal. Like Sonata Artica, Stratovarius, Children of Bodom and Nightwish. Then, when I became a later teenager, I was attracted to alternative rock, pop and rock. Like Massive attack, Beck, MGMT, Lykke Li, Roling stoons, Nirvana, Paul oakenfold, Tiesto, lots of Norwegian rock music. And also symphonic and film music like Hans Zimmer and Howard Schoore. Then I went into a rap, hip hop phase that lasted several years and I listened to artists like Eminem, Dre, Snoopdoog, Sage Francis, Atmosphere, Gangstarr, Jurasic 5, Wu Tang, Chypress Hill and so on.

Were there people in your family who had artistic talents?

Yes and no, my father and mother listened to a lot of modern music at the time. Especially my dad who had a complete collection of heavy rock and metal CDs. I used to sit and listen to those records when I was a kid, alone or with him. And he would tell me stories about the bands and such. But none of them did or played anything, that I have of my own.

I see that you experiment a lot of musical styles, is there a style you would like to explore that you haven't done yet?

Yes, I have one. Not really that I haven’t done yet. But, I would like to go further into pop.
Do you think the government is doing enough to encourage independent artists?
No, I don’t think it’s doing much in this case. But the music itself does, so I think that’s good.

What is your configuration to make music?

I use a PC with Abelton, then I have a Novation midi keyboard with pads and a DJ controller.

What is the song you are most proud of and why?

It’s hard to name one, maybe NEX because it was my first song to be signed, or maybe my last songs Assasins day and night and Summer Months.

What is the first music album you bought?

I don’t remember a Mc music CD or anything, but what I do remember was Scooter.

What could be done better to encourage emerging artists?

I think in general it’s quite encouraging in itself, but the local environment, like where I come from, Trondheim in Norway, but also the big bussinessmen could be more open to new artists and more positive. But in general it’s supposed to be something you work for the most.

I see on your twitter account that you have signed four labels, can you give us more details about the contribution of each of them?

First of all, I signed a single, the track NEX, with WolfrageRecords from the Netherlands, which is being released on June 26. Then I signed a single, the track MI6, on Revealed’s Reveald revolution label, as the first track on the label. Then I signed a track on Future House Cloud which will be released in September and which is a house song.

Do you have a future project you are working on now?

Yes, a lot. I’m working on a rap / hip-hop track with two other rappers, then I’m working with a Brazilian singer to sing on my track Zela. Then I’m working with an Indian singer to make music. And I’m going to work with Magdalena Meisel from Poland, who was a finalist on Voice and was on X Factor. I also have 3 house tracks coming out soon. I am also working on releasing my new music as an album.

We like to leave the last word, what would you like to say?

I am really happy to be able to make music and I thank my fans and those who listen to my music. And thanks to my manager, my management and my press agent who believe in me. A lot of new music is coming out and it’s getting better and better every time. Take care of each other and make music if you want to, don’t let doubts stop you but believe in yourself and have fun doing it. And don’t forget to listen to my music too 😉

Sasuke Uchiha(Nonesky) is a 32 year old DJ and EDM Producer from Trondheim, Norway. He started becoming a Producer/DJ in 2020 and he now has a name for himself within both the Electronic Dance Music scene as producing Electronic, House, Electro pop. So far, he has released two albums with singles & remixes. He is recognized for stellar productions quality. He recently got signed in Wolfrag records, Future House Cloud & Revealed Revolution Records. Also he has made a loyal fan base and a over 20 000 followers in social media. Nonesky’s international reputation is getting attention from music lovers around the world.

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