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Sébastien Ross

Sébastien Ross

Propriétaire de KracRadio et projets de musique maloware.com Owner of KracRadio and music project maloware.com

Interview with Joe Matera

How it all began the passion for music?

My love for music began at the age of four. And when I was 15 years old I took up the guitar and learned how to play. And ever since then, music has been a huge part of my life and work.

Did you have a family that encouraged your artistic development?

No I didn’t. I struggled to become who I am today. My family wanted me to get a normal job, work the 9 – 5 life. But I never wanted to do that, I only wanted to become a full musician, which certainly has not been easy by a long shot. But the struggle and hardships along the way has taught me lots and given me a resilience and perseverance that benefits me greatly today. And I would never trade being a musician and playing music for any other work. It is my calling.

Who are your favorite guitarists and did they influence your style today?

Hank Marvin from The Shadows, Gary Moore and Queen’s Brian May have been players that I admire greatly and influenced me in some ways. But I have listened to so many different players over my life and different styles of music, that everything I ever listened to has influenced me in some way.

You have an impressive discography what was the most difficult thing to do?

Thank you. Writing and recording music can be difficult at times, depending on the circumstances, but it’s always rewarding. If things came too easy, we would never appreciate them.

How was your collaboration with Janne Schaffer for your new release 'Take a look'?

It has been great to have Janne play lead guitar on my new track. It is the first time some other guitar player has played lead guitar on my music. In the past I have always played the lead and rhythm guitars on my music. I grew up listening to ABBA so to have such a legendary guitar player play on my music was truly an honour. Janne and I first connected when I was on my 2019 Swedish tour.

Question Outside the box, what do you know about Montreal?

Montreal is one city I hope to some day visit and perform a show. I first heard of Montreal when I was growing up. It was through my record collection which included Leonard Cohen who came from Montreal. Then in later years other great bands like Arcade Fire which also came from Montreal really help me to want to discover more about the city and its history.

Do you think the music industry has changed a lot since you started?

Absolutely! And it continues to change. I started my professional playing career in the late 1980s and I’ve seen so many changes, from vinyl to CDs, and from peer-to-peer downloading to streaming and other things along the way. One thing I noticed though is how over time, especially in recent years, music has become so under- appreciated and devalued due to a culture that want everything at their fingertips, they want it now and they also want it for free. Musicians are struggling more than ever before in today’s world and the pandemic has made the situation worse.

What is your relationship with social media?

I am very active on social media particularly on Facebook and Twitter. I always interact with my fans and will answer any messages. People can find me at www.facebook.com/joematera and for Twitter, you can find me @materajoe

Do you have any new projects that you can tell us about?

I am always working on new projects, I like to keep myself busy and with no touring possible at the moment due to the pandemic, I am making the best of the down time by working on numerous projects. I am currently working on a new Joe Matera album as well as a side project, composing instrumental ambient, chill music. I am also doing some collaborations with some other recording artists and also writing my first book titled ‘Backstage Pass’ which will be published in 2022.

We usually leave the last word at the end, what would you like to tell the reader?

Thank you for the interest in my music and for the interview and thank you to all at KRAC Radio for the support of my latest single, ‘Take A Look’ and to everyone who continues to support me.

Australian singer/songwriter/instrumentalist and guitarist Joe Matera is a melodious troubadour, having amassed quite an impressive track record in his career. This includes playing guitar for famed British music legend Steve Harley (Cockney Rebel fame) to performing on the festival stages in Europe to scoring a Top 20 hit on Radio Berlin in Germany. His songs and music speak with authority and emotion straight from the heart.

Since 2011, he has recorded and released five albums and three EPs through various European record labels such as W.A.R Productions in Austria and RVPrecords in The Netherlands and tours Europe each year.

As a solo artist, he has performed live in concert supporting the likes of Australian music legends Mental As Anything, Brian Cadd and Russell Morris, American rocker Peter Criss (KISS), blues legends Canned Heat and Scottish 1970s tartan sensations, Bay City Rollers to name but a few.

In April, 2021 he released his latest single, ‘Take A Look’ which was co-produced by Swedish producer Tomas Skogsberg (Backyard Babies, Entombed, The Hellacopters) and features legendary Swedish guitarist Janne Schaffer (ABBA).

His instrumental ‘Brick By Brick’ was voted #48 on the Top 100 Chilliest tracks of 2020 by Australian digital radio network SBS Chill Radio.

“….one of the most melodic and stylish guitarists I’ve heard” – Steve Harley

“…[songs] containing a lot of heart, honesty and authenticity” – Rock It! Magazine (Germany)


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Official Website:  www.joematera.com

Bandcamp: https://joematera.bandcamp.com/

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