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Sébastien Ross

Sébastien Ross

Propriétaire de KracRadio et projet de musique | Owner of KracRadio and music project

Liste de VST Gratuit / FREE VST

Je suis fier de vous présenter une liste de VST gratuite récolté un partout sur la planète web. J’espère que ceci aidera grandement votre production musicale et vous donner des outils supplémentaires. Cette liste est évolutive, je vous conseille de venir la consulter régulièrement. Si vous avez des suggestions ou des promotions incroyables que vous aimeriez que je partage.

Simplement communiquer avec moi.

I am proud to present to you a list of free VST collected all over the web planet. I hope this will greatly help your music production and give you additional tools. This list is evolving, I advise you to come and consult it regularly. If you have any amazing suggestions or promotions that you would like me to share.

Simply communicate with me.

Liste | List of DAWs
  • Ableton Live
  • ACID Pro
  • Adobe Audition
  • Audiotool
  • Bitwig Studio
  • Cakewalk
  • Cubase
  • Digital Performer
  • Fairlight
  • FL Studio
  • GarageBand
  • Logic Pro
  • Mixbus
  • Mixcraft
  • MuLab
  • Nuendo
  • Pro Tools
  • Reason
  • Renoise
  • Samplitude
  • Sequoia
  • Sound Forge
  • Studio One
  • Tracktion



Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.
Developed by a group of volunteers as open source.

VB-CABLE Virtual Audio Device

B-CABLE is a virtual audio device working as virtual audio cable. All audio coming in the CABLE input is simply forwarded to the CABLE output.


VB-Audio CABLE is a Windows Audio Driver working as Virtual Audio Cable. Thanks to its Multi-Format Audio Engine, VB-CABLE can be used without any configuration! Ready to work with all Audio Application using MME, KS, DX, KS or WASAPI interfaces.


With VB-CABLE Technology, VB-Audio Applications can be endowed with Virtual I/O and provide new amazing audio experiences. So let’s follow us and try our different products presented on this page!

VOICEMEETER Virtual Audio Mixer

Voicemeeter is Audio Mixer Application endowed with Virtual Audio Device used as Virtual I/O to mix and manage any audio sources from or to any audio devices or applications.


Valhalla Freq Echo

Bode-Style Frequency Shifter + Analog Echo Emulation = Skull Melting Chaos.

Vynil Izotope

The ultimate lo-fi weapon

audio fx micro

Finisher MICRO

The Devil’s Candy – now as an Audio FX!

Finisher is not a Chorus, not a Reverb, Compressor or EQ – it is all of the above and way more, because it uses these effects as building blocks to create finishing touches for your tracks.

It’s been designed to be your companion that always has a fresh idea up its sleeve. Finisher MICRO will keep inspiring you, and protects you from recording or mixing a bland and boring track ever again.

mbitfun vst


MBitFun is a serious tool for extreme distortion lovers. It converts the audio into limited fixed-point precision form, from a 1 single bit up to 16 bits per sample, and lets you access each bit, applying several operations.

Other plugins also available free

IVGI saturation & distortion

IVGI can deliver very soft and subtle saturation, that feels at home
on the master buss. It is equally capable of very dense and dirty
distortion effects to spice up single tracks. IVGI’s base sound is comparable to the DESK mode in the big brother SDRR



Ample Sound Guitar M LITE II

Ample Sound Guitar M LITE II

Ample Guitar M Lite II aim to bring a Martin D-41 Acoustic Guitar sound to your studio.

guitar rig native instruments

GUITAR RIG 5 PLAYER | Native Instruments


Amp simulation with matched cabinet, 3 effects, and 50 ready-to-use presets

Also included in KOMPLETE START – the free bundle with 2,000 sounds and 6 GB of content


2getheraudio Cheeze Machine

2getheraudio Cheeze Machine

Synth1 | WORTH IT!

Synth1 is a software synthesizer. Functionally it is modelled on the Clavia Nord Lead 2 Red Synth.


  • 2 Oscillators, FM modulation, ring modulation, sync, modulation envelope.
  • 4 types of filters, distortion.
  • 2 LFOs (synchronized with host).
  • Arpeggiator (synchronized with host).
  • Tempo delay (synchronized with host), stereo chorus/flanger.
  • Legato mode, portamento.
  • 16 notes polyphony.
  • 128 presets.
  • Thoroughly optimized for light CPU load using SSE instructions, etc.
  • Automation.



Sitala is a free drum plugin and standalone app

Sitala‘s beauty is simplicity. It‘s fast and musical. Six knobs. Sixteen pads. Drag and drop. Playable like instrument.

drummica sennheizer

DrumMic'a! | Sennheizer

DrumMic’a! is an extremely elaborately produced virtual instrument for Native Instruments KONTAKT .

Among other things, it comprises, more than 13,000 audio samples and around 20,000 lines of program code.

What to expect: 15 Sennheiser and Neumann microphones on a genuine drum set, recorded in a real, professional studio, reworked through the integrated software studio.

Plus 1,200 authentic beats played by a lively professional drummer. The special thing about it: DrumMic’a! can be used in virtually any digital audio workstation and for your own productions. And best of all: Sennheiser and Neumann provide the software as part of a freeware licence!


vocal doubler izotope

Vocal Doubler | Izotope


iZotope Vocal Doubler is a free plug-in designed to enhance your vocal with a natural doubling effect, adding richness and depth.

Our acclaimed doubling technology has been reimagined with a brand new interactive UI dedicated to helping you achieve a great double faster than ever.