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Happy Youth Brantford ontario sing it

Happy YOUTH News From Ontario

During the Pandemic amidst the shut-down isolation in March-June 2020; a group of vocal music students, ages 6-16 and a few adults, began writing their own original songs via Zoom with their teacher.  When lessons were permitted to happen in person again — the song writing continued. It gave them something to work towards and a purpose – especially when all of their performances were cancelled.

The solo works are all very simple songs; all natural, no gimmicks, just them and a guitar and a few piano & ukulele songs.  They’ve created some really nice easy-listening tunes — real and raw pieces of Pop, Country, Folk, Christian and Children’s Sing-A-Longs.  No autotune, just them, all completely natural and authentic.

They decided to put all of the songs on an album.  The album is primarily young gals/teens, two adult ladies and one very brave male.   It features 13 children ranging in ages 6-16 and then a few adults, all of whom wrote their own individual songs during the Covid-19 lockdown and during online/in-person music lessons.  The 20 original songs cover a kaleidoscope of themes and feelings: ranging from love, loss, relationships, pets, self-awareness, pandemic frustrations and overall appreciation for family and friends.  With the help of their teacher, they have each written their own words and music to create a truly eclectic musical extravaganza.

Their collaboration album was released on December 12th, 2020 on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and on all major music platforms.  Since that time the young gals and adults have had their singles featured on Indie Radio in Canada, the U.S., the UK and Australia.  The response has been entirely positive and overwhelming.

The SiNG iT Brantford 2020 Compilation Album champions the stick-to-it-of-ness of a myriad of students who found a niche during the shutdown and took their musical journeys on a brand-new exciting path.  The students wrote, sang, produced and published all of the songs on the album. It is a smile enhancing collaboration of musical magic.

The album features songs from the following Canadian Singer-Songwriters:

Ruby Williams, 13:   Carefree on the Crossbar

Grace Weidhaas, 15:  What Is Love?

Jordan Morley, 16:  You Were Bad

Zoe Duggan, 10:  Passions

Emila Witmer-Petitti, 11:  Friendship

Emma Rodrigue, 9:  My Best Friends

Elizabeth Witmer-Petitti, 6:  My Dog Charlie

Delilah Minshall, 10:  This Is For My Friends

Tessa Montour, 7:  My Letter To Heaven

Bryanna Rowe, 16:  Feet On The Stage

Kezia Hart, 15:  Strings

Trinity Lussier, 15:  Try

Ella Whiting, 13:  Break Through The Silence

Steve Doran:  Love Forever

Maura Edmunds:  Happy, Home, When You’re Ready

Joan Minnery: Victorious, Gold Box, For My Second Half

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Anyone seeking more information on SiNG iT Brantford and contacting the students and their teacher are invited to contact Joan Minnery:


SiNG iT Loud … SiNG iT Proud …Whatever iT Takes!!!


Written by Joan Minnery

Author, Blogger, Podcaster, Musician, Teacher


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