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Jour : janvier 18, 2021

Aled Hughes Singer songwriter pop country folk

Aled Hughes

Originally from North Wales, singer/songwriter Aled Hughes is now located in the idyllic southern coastal town of Llantwit Major in Wales. He has released four albums It’s Acoustic, ’67, Earl Lane and his latest I Remember which are available on Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp and more online platforms.
Probably best categorised as being in the pop-country-folk genre, he writes songs in both English and Welsh. Some take quite a light hearted perspective, while others deal with heavier themes.

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Thin Lizzy, groupe irlandais

Mes origines irlandaises seront à l’honneur et je vous parlerai bien sûr de Thin Lizzy. La beauté de ce groupe est qu’il était mené par un Irlandais noir, dans une Irlande blanche des années 70 ! Trouvez l’erreur…

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E.no solo artist germany berlin electro producer dj


e.no is solo artist, producer and DJ Eno Thiemann from Berlin.
Finding inspiration in Nordic Singer/Songwriters, Indie Pop, trashy 90s Radio Dance and Electronic Funk, he oscillates between honest, hand-crafted songwriting and the glittering, noise-heavy sphere of electronic music. From sparsely arranged, almost inaudible acoustic songs to massive, itchy dance tracks, you can easily spot e.no’s urge to always explore new ideas and expressions.
On stage he thrives with an astonishing range of styles and an eclectic electro-acoustic performance with vocals, piano, Glockenspiel, synthesizers, effects and his trumpet.
Besides continuous performances on festivals and stages in Germany, Prague, New York, Bucharest and Copenhagen, e.no writes music for theatre plays, animation films, web TV series and a smartphone game, but also produces and remixes other artists and projects. His debut album is due to release in February 2021.

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Nathalie Weider Suisse Swiss Switzerland german pop song

Nathalie Weider

I’m a Swiss Singer and Songwriter. My sound is honest German pop music reflecting the emotions of a passionate woman. Emotions interpreted bluntly as well as wrapped into ironic and witty stories. Always staying true to myself and yet always trying out new things is my motto,

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Them Labs punk rock folk

Them Labs

Them Labs are a punk-progressive folk rock trio split between Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH, USA. Now in their third iteration, founding members Seth Portenlanger and Joe Perkins have teamed up with lead guitarist, Andy Dunfee for an amped up sound with a stern nod to 90s era pop-punk riffs.

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Sémaphores Post Rock Energique postpunk rock


Sémaphores, c’est une couleur unique, une poésie lumineuse, envoûtante, des mélodies entêtantes alliées à un post-rock énergique, semblant appeler depuis le futur.
le groupe franco-polonais formé en 2019 nous entraîne dans un voyage rempli d’océans et de lumières, de regrets et d’espoirs, de peur et de courage.
Sémaphores a vu le jour à Varsovie sur l’initiative de John Pilon, français originaire de la région Grenobloise et expatrié en Pologne.
Le projet Sémaphores s’est rapidement développé autour des influences diverses de ses 4 membres: Daniel (lead guitar), Iwo (batterie), Pawel (basse) et John (compositions, textes, guitare et chant) et a sorti le 30 novembre 2020 son premier album autoproduit.

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Dryade Da Bug Records Release


Yess!!!! Our first release at Da Bug Records this year !!! Dryade by Da Bug is a light and playful techno track that calls for the spring and the sun … the title comes from a Greek mythology that is well worth to read 😉

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